Jerome Fitzgerald Responds To Baha Mar Contracts Story

Jerome Fitzgerald, Minister of Education, Science and Technology.

Jerome Fitzgerald, Minister of Education, Science and Technology.

Minister of Education, Science and Technology Jerome Fitzgerald has released a statement this afternoon, in response to today's Tribune lead story:

“I have no contract with Baha Mar or any of its affiliates, nor do I own any shares in Bahamas Cargo & Logistics, which is a company formed by my father many years ago.

“Nothing in today’s Tribune contradicts that.

“Sarkis Izmiralian and I have communicated on any number of matters over the past 8 years either in person or by email. Prior to my father’s illness he had engaged in discussions with Baha Mar to get some work. After my father’s illness I wrote to Sarkis to follow up on those discussions and seek his assistance. Nothing came of it and that remains the case today.

“When Mr. Izmiralian filed for bankruptcy in a US court, the Bahamian government moved quickly and decisively to bring the matter home to protect the interests of Bahamian employees and contractors.

“Tomorrow is a big day for our country. The opening of Baha Mar is bringing thousands of jobs for Bahamians, will strengthen our economy, and will raise our nation’s profile internationally. I’m very proud of the role the government played in saving the resort from bankruptcy and getting it the hands of a world-class operator with successful properties across the Caribbean and the world.”


Cobalt 1 week ago

Just listen to this pathetic jackass clambering for an excuse. Mr. Fitzgerald...... not all Bahamians are stupid. Rather than insult the intelligence of the Bahamian public you should simply resign and step down. Those emails clearly confirmed what many sensible Bahamians already knew. You, and every other PLP crony use your position in government to secure personal monetary gain and financial benefits! This practice is illegal and it is a blatant conflict of interest. It undermines the very sovereignty of justice and democracy!

When asked about this practice many months ago, both you and Allison Maynard adamantly denied that such a conversation never even took place. We now have confirmation that that was a bold face lie!! No sitting member within the upper and lower house including MP's should be allowed to negotiatie businesses deals while sitting in government!! You lied.... and you got caught. End of story. Have some dignity, honor, class and respect. Step down. You, and your PLP government are an utter disgrace and embarrassment to our national flag.


Cobalt 1 week ago

Can you believe the audacity of this man??? Here it is....... we have a cabinet minister who first lied then got caught negotiating personal business deals which would have rendered him millions of dollars. All for his own pockets!! Not the pockets of the Bahamian tax payers... but his own. Then to add insult to injury, he's now attempting to rationalize things by contriving this frivolous excuse in telling the Bahamian public that no such deal existed. This dude clearly thinks we are all stupid, uneducated fools. Mr. Fitzgerald...... if this were the U.S. the FBI would have arrested you! What kind of shit are you talking?

The fact that the deal never came to fruition doesn't vindicate you from any wrong doing!!! The error of your actions rest with the fact that you are engaged in an illegal conflict of interest! Those emails clearly depicted what your intentions were and they are a valid indictment against not just you.... but the entire government as well! So stop talkin ass and just resign please.


sheeprunner12 1 week ago

Does the Prime Minister have any integrity????? ............. His nickname is "Vomit" .......... but this is matter of trust, transparency and accountability ............ Perry MUST act NOW!!!!!!!!!!


concernedcitizen 1 week ago

Perry won,t act , Fitz is the new trusted bagman for Lady Ping ,The Barbadian Maynards , and PGC .Baltron getting older and forgetting details , which secret bank/closet /vault the money is in .Fitz sells his soul , takes his the money cuts his 20% and kicks up the rest ..Shit they are so blatant Perry put consulates lol in a big mansion in Atlanta so Bernadette can spend our money trying to make their daughter the next Beyoncé


djgross 1 week ago

250+ former expat employees of Baha Mar are still waiting to be paid for owed salary and severance. When will we be paid? We were told by the end of 2016. This appears to be Government of Bahamas sanctioned discrimination. Bahamians have been paid. Our patience is wearing thin.


DillyTree 1 week ago

Resign, Mr. Fitzgerald. Or fire him, Mr Christie. He's been caught with his pants around his ankles -- maybe time to prosecute these crooked politicians.


Alex_Charles 1 week ago

No-one is buying this load of BULL.



hallmark 1 week ago

May the good Lord continue to reveal and expose these criminals who are only concerned about their own pockets to the detriment of our nation.


birdiestrachan 1 week ago

My view like a good son after his father became ill he tried to help his father My view and I am standing by it. If it is against the law perhaps he should not have done it

Remember when Mr: Small things awarded himself a contract. was he a criminal??


ThisIsOurs 1 week ago

He lobbied on behalf of a family member to the disadvantage of other Bahamians bidding for the same contract. They didn't have a sitting cabinet minister in their immediate family. Unethical and against the rules.

Criminal? no, you're confusing this with Rubis, that was criminal. He's just in breach of cabinet rules on this one


concernedcitizen 6 days, 20 hours ago

The sick family member shakedown is just away to get around bribery ,,he basically is saying if you want to buy me as an MP give me the contract for brokerage or 20,000 a month ,,are you telling me a business owner like his Father w an MP as a son does not have health insurance ,,How did he get treated in the states ,,cash from the closet .He was just give Izzie the price for his integrity or lack there of


DDK 6 days, 21 hours ago

You are for the birds! Give it up, why don't you? You're defending a bunch of criminals full stop


Sickened 6 days, 22 hours ago

Why doesn't he just follow his leader and give us all the finger? Fitz, we don't need to hear any more lies we just need confirmation on how you feel about your Bahamian brothers.


Well_mudda_take_sic 6 days, 21 hours ago

And not even the slightest peep from Crooked Christie who appointed Toxic Fumes Fitz to his cabinet!


TigerB 6 days, 19 hours ago

Perry said he this was his last lap, I think he knows it is... too much hidden skeletons


sheeprunner12 6 days, 19 hours ago

DID FITZGERALD RESIGN YET??????????.......... The clock is ticking on the PLP


sheeprunner12 6 days, 19 hours ago

Did this crooked, lying, begging, teefin, shameless, brazen, insulting, piece of shit .............. RESIGN yet?????????

Every seriously offended Bahamian should have blocked off Bahamar this morning and refused to let the meaningless ceremony take place ........ This is an insult to our decency as a people and a country



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