Huff And Puff At Court

EDITOR, The Tribune.

A LOT of huff and puff held over from last week and the drama of the shame walk - what difference would it have made if Mr Gibson had used his crutches to security? For millions, the Ingraham Government built these new courts - I recall that in the design there is a secure side entrance where all accused were supposed to be taken and from where they securely were taken to cells in the building.

Ironically it was under the previous Government that the ‘Shame Walk’ started.

University of Bahamas ... oops who really has the right to the designation of ‘The Honourable’? Your advertisement of Alumni makes a real boo-boo ... only sitting Ministers and Senators or persons who have been Minister for eight-years are in my understanding allowed to use ‘The Hon’ - you are a place of education next time check please.

Electronic Traffic Control system ... so Minister Frankie Campbell it seems money in the treasury is more important than saving lives? Oops again. Got it wrong, Minister.

Minister Campbell no improvement at the Post Office - almost 100 days since May 10th and we still possibly receive mail three-months after it was sent. It has been said before buy ductless A/C units and install - solve the problem so that the sorters can work.

Ministers are travelling ... we all know of the delegation to CARlCOM - then two others went off to London, IMO meeting - another somewhere in the Caribbean hoping all sat amongst The People, as we know it is The People’s Time and not with the mucker-mucks?

Can’t we be a lot more polite as to what we put on Facebook-What’s App, etc? Too many charges, unsupported and full of libel- Commissioner or the Acting one or the next Acting for the Acting please take note. These people need to be charged.

Crime scenes? If you ever want to find a khaki RBPF Officer head to a crime scene, blow me down they come out of the woodwork! Are they all necessary?



August 8, 2017.


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