Securities Chiefs Pay Visit To Finance Minister

By Natario McKenzie

Tribune Business Reporter


The Bahamas Central Securities Depository (BCSD) and The Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX) recently paid a joint courtesy call on the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance K. Peter Turnquest. BCSD and BISX representatives took the opportunity to discuss critical matters related to the Bahamian Capital Markets.

Minister Turnquest was joined by Simon Wilson, Financial Secretary. The BCSD delegation was led by Craig Tony Gomez, BCSD chairman, Nerika Burrows, BCSD President, along with Melissa Campbell and Alson Ferguson, BCSD assistant managers. BISX was represented by Keith Davies, BISX CEO, Holland Grant, BISX COO and Nicholas Rees, financial consultant to BISX and BCSD.

Craig Tony Gomez, chairman of BCSD, said: "We were grateful to Minister Turnquest for his kind consideration in allowing us to meet with him, to speak on matters of mutual interest, focusing on the influence that the Government has, directly and indirectly on our capital markets."

Nerika Burrows, President of BCSD, said: "We were able to update Minister Turnquest on the activities of BCSD as it relates to our operations, international affiliations and technological improvements. BCSD currently serves as the Registrar and Transfer Agent (RTA) for the majority of public companies in The Bahamas as well as payment agent for some branches of Government debt, so it is crucial that the Government understands our operations in its entirety."

Keith Davies, BISX CEO, said: "Governments and capital markets influence each other greatly through regulation, ease of raising funds and general investor confidence. I am grateful to Minister Turnquest for meeting with BISX and BCSD as our organisations jointly are part of the larger system upon which the Bahamian capital markets operate. I welcome the opportunity to speak about those areas where the Government can assist the Exchange, and those areas where the Exchange can assist the Government, particularly with the listing and trading of Government securities and the Government's future privatization plans. I look forward to more constructive discussions in the future."


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