Nema Director Urges Caution As Weather System Moves Towards Bahamas


Tribune Chief Reporter


NATIONAL Emergency Management Agency Director Capt Stephen Russell yesterday urged residents throughout the country to finalise hurricane preparations as the country enters the peak of the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane season.

Capt Russell cautioned residents to routinely check local media and social media platforms for updates, pointing to the projected path of current system Invest 92 –L through the Bahamas.

An invest is an area of disturbed weather that has been designated as a system of interest by the National Hurricane Centre with potential of subtropical or tropical development.

On Friday, the NHC forecasters said Invest 92L has a 60 per cent chance of becoming Tropical Storm Irma, with a projected path that will move in a west-northwestward direction towards The Bahamas and Florida through Tuesday.

Capt Russell said: "You should all be aware at this time that there are a number of tropical systems in the Atlantic Ocean, and one or two are projected to cross over, or come near The Bahamas during the upcoming week.

"Even though the systems have not been named, I would like to urge all residents throughout The Bahamas to continue to monitor these systems as we go into the weekend.”

He continued: "We are all aware that in 2015, Tropical Storm Joaquin, rapidly intensified and became a major hurricane, which impacted islands in the Central and Southeast Bahamas."

"As long as the current system (Invest 92 –L) is projected to pass through The Bahamas, I would like to urge all residents to make those final preparations to protect homes, businesses, check your family disaster plan, family emergency kits, and your communications plans."


John 10 months ago

Many residents are still 'hurricane battered'. They have not recovered from the October 2016 hurricane and some still suffering from Joaquin. However that is no reason to sacrifice life or safety. Even if it means seeking out a hurricane shelter should another storm approach. But you still need to make minimum preparations with food supplies and basic essentials.


ashley14 10 months ago

Yes, get your supplies and bunker down at home and cuddle with your significant other for a couple of days. Sounds like fun to me. I'll cuddle with John Braynen if I knew where he was.


Islandboy242242 10 months ago

Sounds like a good time to have a working Doppler radar system, publicly accessible via the internet...


ashley14 9 months, 2 weeks ago

I was coming week after next. It looks like this might need to be rescheduled. I doubt Breezes will be open for business. I hope this storm by passes the Islands. The next time I'm off work is the holiday's. Junkanoo would be good or the marathon in January, if they do that this year. I wouldn't mind running that. I'm thinking positive God has his hand on your beautiful islands, and is taking care of all of you.


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