Eleuthera Foundation Unveils Its New Board

THE One Eleuthera Foundation (OEF) has unveiled a new Board that will be chaired by ex-Cabinet minister Alfred Sears QC.

Mr Sears was chosen to replace outgoing chairman, Felix Stubbs, during a meeting on Saturday, October 28, in Rock Sound, Eleuthera. Also joining the new board are Diane Bowe-Pindling, Juan Bacardi, Thomas Whitehead, Leah Major and Clifford Johnson.

Persons continuing to serve on the Board include Cameron Symonette, Shelby White, Marjie Findlay, Mario Smith and Tom Burns. Retiring were Edrick Gibson and Etoile Pinder, while also retiring but taking on new responsibilities in advisory positions were Eric Carey, Jackie Gibson and Errol McPhee.

Mr Sears, upon accepting his appointment, said: "The One Eleuthera Foundation is a model of community empowerment and sustainable development in Eleuthera, under the ownership and control of local residents.

"I believe that the growth of this non-profit sector can help to reverse the current under-development in our Family Islands of declining populations; double digit unemployment amongst young people; non-competitive agricultural, financial services and tourism sectors; outward migration to New Providence for jobs and tertiary education; and dependence on the diminishing capacity of central government to stimulate sustainable development in the Family Islands. I am excited to work with this successful community empowerment model, and to expand it to other Family Island communities in our archipelago."

The Board meeting was preceded by the One Eleuthera Foundation's annual general meeting (AGM), held at its Centre for Training and Innovation (CTI). Members were updated on the Foundation's ongoing work and future plans, while asking questions of the new Board.

The One Eleuthera Foundation, founded by Shaun Ingraham, its current president and chief executive, is a non-profit partnership between Bahamians and second homeowners in Eleuthera. It invests in unique, high-quality projects that strengthen Eleuthera communities through economic, environmental, social, training and entrepreneurial empowerment.

The One Eleuthera Foundation and its partners currently employ 45 persons, with projects and partners including the Centre for Training and Innovation. This is the only non-profit, post-secondary and business enterprise institution located on a 44-acre property equipped with a training hotel, farm and restaurant.

Other projects include the South Eleuthera Mission (SEM), South Eleuthera Emergency Partners (SEEP), Island Journeys, Eleuthera Arts and Cultural Centre (EACC) and the One Eleuthera Cooperative Credit Union.

The Foundation's appointed officers are: Chairman - Alfred Sears; Vice-Chair/Secretary, Mario Smith; Assistant Secretary, Leah Major; Finance Chair/Treasurer, Clifford Johnson; Fundraising/Development Co-Chair, Diane Bowe-Pindling; Assistant Fundraising/Development Co-Chair, Marjie Findlay; Business Development, Juan Bacardi and Cameron Symonette, Operations Chair; Thomas Whitehead, Strategic Planning; Tom Burns; Director, Shelby White

Honorary Members:

Dr Graham Cates; Michelle Neville-Clarke; Felix Stubbs; Craig Symonette; Michele Johnson; Casuarina Mckinney-Lambert; Wendy Warren


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