Wastage In Government

EDITOR, The Tribune.

WASTE in Government seems to continue at a feverish pace.

We hear the PM and the Minister for Foreign Affairs attended the Bahamas Embassy Christmas party in Washington last Friday, I believe.

Interesting the PM carried his wife and the Minister of Foreign Affairs carried his and there was a Ms Bowe to take photographs plus probably security and may be protocol officers.

We are told in a OPM release this was supporting the new initiative of Enterprise Commercial Act.

Editor - it has to be asked why were the spouses included? Surely there is a person at the Embassy that could have used a cellphone to take a photograph or so?

What was the costs of this travel as it included hotel probably a four-five star hotel airfare now that will be interesting we were told pre-May 10th Ministers would not travel first class lets test what class did they travel? My guest is all first class except the junior people. We the People want to see all the accounts.

Another real nuisance is the total lack of reserved parking spaces at Ministries for the General Public.....Education you have to walk almost a quarter of a mile before you enter the building, God help you if it is raining but bless them the civil servants have all the reserved slots right to the door - same goes at OPM and Health.

Dis we people's time….hmm has anything changed?



December 19, 2017.


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