Bostwick and sawyer urge Bahamians to stand against injustice

Some of those taking part in the We March Bahamas protest on Majority Rule Day.

Some of those taking part in the We March Bahamas protest on Majority Rule Day.


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AGAINST the backdrop of state-sponsored 50th anniversary Majority Rule celebrations, two historic Bahamian women yesterday urged Bahamians to stand with the We March movement against injustices that have persisted in the country since the hard-fought milestone.

Leading ladies Janet Bostwick, the first woman to be elected to the House of Assembly, and Dame Joan Sawyer, the first woman to serve as chief justice and president of the Court of Appeal, took to the stage at Pompey Square to provide their personal testimony on the importance of the We March Bahamas movement.

“Fifty years ago,” Mrs Bostwick told reporters, “I was in the square in the night after the results had come in. I celebrated, we celebrated because we felt that the shackles have been removed.

“We were no longer being ruled by a minority government. At that time it was just 18-18 but we felt that we were going to win and that the PLP would become the government.

“We were fighting against inequality. We fought for justice, fair play, equal opportunity, 50 years later these are the things for which we still aspire.”

Mrs Bostwick, former attorney general and minister of foreign affairs, is the mother of one of the We March organisers, John Bostwick II.

She told reporters that she has felt “extremely burdened” by the reality that the country she will leave for her descendants is not one she would have envisioned fifty years ago. As she called for unity and solidarity to achieve a common goal, Mrs Bostwick pointed out that without these elements, she would not have been able to shatter a political glass ceiling in 1982.

“Too many of the things for which we fought are still not attainable,” she continued, “and it is imperative that we fight but it is also imperative that we fight together.

“It is significant that when I won in 1982, I ran in a constituency which was specifically cut for the PLP victory. I could not possibly have won unless I got PLP support and it was because of persons who united to support me, irrespective of the party, that I became the first woman elected to Parliament.

“It is that same unity which is needed now to fight the ills which face us. Crime is still rampant unfortunately, equality is not there, there is not sufficient opportunity available.”

Mrs Bostwick said she was pleased to see that We March cut across discriminatory boundaries like economic class, colour, and age to form a “together movement”.

“I march against a D average,” Mrs Bostwick continued, “we cannot accept that in education. I march against the misuse of our hard earned taxes. I march against the unaccountability, all of it, that is why I march. Fifty years ago and today it’s the same.”

Delivering a fiery rebuke of several government initiatives like value added tax and Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival, Dame Joan urged Bahamians to be more critical as citizens and consumers.

Siding with protestors decrying that the government’s investment in the carnival event was egregious, Dame Joan also criticised the morality of a festival where women make themselves “exhibits”.

“You call that upward movement?” she asked.

“No way, no time, must we as a people forget what our foreparents struggled for. You do not climb to the top on your back, women.

“If you do that you become a doormat, you have no right to demand respect. Respect is earned, not given. Stand up for your rights, but stand as ladies, women of integrity, women of courage, women who are willing to work hard for what they get, women who are willing to sacrifice to ensure their children have a better today.”

She also criticised the Cabinet Office’s denial of We March’s request to occupy Rawson Square as they did on Black Friday last year.

“So I wrote the Cabinet,” Dame Joan said, “I’m still of that view, you are breaching the Constitution, you cannot abuse your power to play favourites with a political party. The land belongs to all of us. You don’t have any right to discriminate against any of us. If I vote PLP, FNM, DNA, Independent, whatever I do that’s my right.”

Stressing that her conviction was nonpartisan, she implored “all right-thinking Bahamians” to stand up for their rights. She noted that she marched not for herself but for her grandson, and the hundreds of young people that she has taken under her wing.

“We need to be aware of our responsibility as citizens,” Dame Joan said, “not only to pay our taxes but to be sure that our taxes are not being wasted.”

Referring to the 50th anniversary of Majority Rule, she said: “I cannot be jubilant when people in my country cannot eat.”

“I know what most of my people suffer. I walked East Street barefoot when I was 12. I know what it is to live Over-the-Hill and have the draft fall on you in those wooden houses. I know what it is to go to the pump at 5am.

“There is nothing wrong with hard work people,” she continued, “hard work makes your body strong, makes your mind clear… we don’t have time to waste. Time is not your friend, you have less than four months before there must be an election.”

Referring to reports that women have been turned away from voter registration centres due to their attire, Dame Joan said: “I ask all right-thinking Bahamians to stand up for your rights. If you go to the parliamentary commissioner’s office or wherever to register to vote and he tells you about your exposure, tell him listen, you supposed to be looking at my face. You cannot deny my right or make up the rules as you go along. Who are you? We paying you.”


birdiestrachan 6 years, 2 months ago

""D" grade Ms: Bostwick is not new, it was so under the FNM Government.. As for crime Persons with glass houses should not throw stones.

Judge Sawyer on one hand, thinks it is all right to have exposed breast on passport pictures But not at carnival. Interesting.

I am finding it hard to respect them, But i do because they are made in the image of God. but they should both try to take the high road. and speak truth.


athlete12 6 years, 2 months ago

"I am finding it hard to respect them"...Because the speak out against injustice by the government ?

" But i do because they are made in the image of God".....oookkaaayyy

"but they should both try to take the high road. and speak truth."...So they are lying about corruption from currents and past governments?

I'm not sure what the high road is in this case

I don't think you read this article birdie. That or you think the government is doing a great job. Then yes you're apart of the D average


CatIslandBoy 6 years, 2 months ago

Birdie, nothing in the above article suggests that Dame Sawyer is OK with exposed breasts on passport photos. She was referring to Voter Registration photos. Your "D" grade average is showing.


Cobalt 6 years, 2 months ago

Why the heck are all of these politicians emerging as sympathizers and members of the "We March" movement?!?!?! Tell them to get the hell outta here!!! The whole reason the movement was established was for the people to protest their displeasure, disappointment, and vexation with successive governments and to stand in staunch opposition to them (FNM and PLP)!!! It really angers me when I see people like Hubert Minnis, Janet Bostwick, and her punk ass son attempting to stand with the people!! Kenred Dorsett and Shane Gibson tried the same bullshit back in November before organizers had to tell them about their ass and refuse their support!! We dont want any politicians standing with us!!! We are marching againgst all of you politicians (FNM and PLP alike) for your failed practices and policies that have brought our country to ruins. Just look at them!! All of them are fat and happy living in big mansions out east or west, while we the middle class have been subjected to poverty!!! Then when we the people start protesting our condition, these very same politicians emerge trying to present themselves as victims along with the rest of us!!! Get the f#*k outta here!!! All of yall are just alike!!


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