Spinning The News

EDITOR, The Tribune.

BOY these Ministers love to spin news and pretend things are okay - Swift Justice... Editor isn’t it logic if you rush serious cases to the Supreme Court cases that are winnable you will see a considerable improvement in the processing of cases?

Of course, no one is telling us about the other cases.

Contrast that spin to the advertising of held-over cases,

I believe appeals some are as old as 10-14 years!

Imagine the stress on a witness having to recall evidence from that far back?

Bail - the Commissioner of Police constantly talks about how the leniency of granting of bail to career criminals, the most violent is the root cause of our witnessing such a high murder rate. Surely the AG can draft a more restrictive Bail Act to put an end to the criminal revolving door?

Is there an acceptable solution by initiating high cash Bail for crimes of murder and use of guns?

Bail so we are now going to have some biometric system to police those on bail - the question I have to ask is a simple but serious one - usually a grant of bail requires the person to report one-two-three times a week to a Police Station... is anyone checking if any of those on bail are reporting in?

I can’t believe the criminals are being so-honest and checking-in.

Bail, ‘easy Bail’ as the Commissioner of Police commented is a serious negative as many times the criminal element intimidate the witnesses and suddenly for the fear of their lives they rescind their volunteering to give evidence so in many cases the person walks free.

Swift Justice missed that.

Bail has to be dealt with - clearly if we don’t deal with it the chances of having a further reduction in the Crime

Statistics is impossible.



January 12, 2017.


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