Bahari Sees 63% Spike In Independence Sales


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A Bahamian fashion brand yesterday said it has seen a more than 60 per cent jump in sales of its Independence collection compared to last year, telling this newspaper: "The response has been awesome."

Kyle Williams, Bahari's brand manager, told Tribune Business: "Sales have been going really well this year. Right now, sales are up 63 per cent over this same period last year. We expect to exceed last year's performance given that our highest sales period will be Friday and Saturday, or the two days preceding Independence. A lot of people like to wait last minute."

Last week, Bahari announced the release of its fourth Independence Collection, themed 'Celebrate Together', in time for the Bahamas' 44th anniversary of Independence.

Scott Farrington, president of SunTee EmbroidMe, told Tribune Business that pre-Independence sales had only just begun to pick up yesterday.

"It's been slow up until today. I don't know if people really feel it this year," he said. "I think the economy is still bad, and I think people are still trying to salvage themselves from the previous regime. Nevertheless, we are optimistic. We're open all day Saturday. We have great designs and a great product."

Cheryl Strachan, president at Beyond Flags, told Tribune Business: "I think that things are starting to pick up a bit. I think people want to celebrate. It's been really low-key up to this point, but things are picking up." Ms Strachan said the company carries a wide range of items including flags, pins, banners and souvenir.


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