Eleuthera's Training Staff Benefit From Team-Work

Five employees from Eleuthera's Centre for Training and Innovation (CTI) participated in Highly Effective Teams Training (HET), which was hosted by the Bahamas National Trust in Nassau from June 6-7.

The participants were Steve Galanis, Jason Newbold, Woodrow Hall, Jermaine Deveaux and Alvin Young. HET is an organisational change programme designed to foster a culture of teamwork and improved performance. It engaged participants from several non-profit groups in the Bahamas.

Participants learned about basic principles such as what is a team; team dynamics; and ways to make an effective and productive team. They also learned about the 'storming theory' of team building and how to deal with multiple personalities. The training touched on creating, organising, and analysing project plans, and transforming them into high-level assessments.

Mr Galanis said: "This was an amazing experience. I think this training can benefit anyone that works in a team. We learned how to function better as a team, and I think that we will see more productivity in our team dynamics. I would like to thank OEF and CTI for allowing us to participate in this training." Mr Galanis is an Electrical Instructor at CTI.


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