Nearly 15,000 Cast Votes In Local Elections


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FORTY-NINE persons were elected to serve as local government councilors on Grand Bahama for the next three years.

During this year's election, over 14,700 votes were polled on the island on June 22.

In the City of Freeport District, a total of 8,530 votes were cast, with the largest voter participation in Marco City, where some 3,489 individuals voted.

Of the ten candidates that nominated, those elected to the three seats in that constituency were messenger Earl Neely, who received 635 votes; store man Kendal RH Culmer Jr, with 627 votes; and crane technician Bernard Grant with 553 votes.

In Pineridge, teacher Ravanno Ferguson and security specialist Ernie Barr captured the two seats, receiving 385 votes and 367 votes respectively. A total of 1,917 votes were polled in that constituency.

In Central Grand Bahama, of 1,586 votes polled, educator Frazette Gibson was re-elected receiving 425 votes, and 440 went to painter Marco Carey.

Elected as representatives for East Grand Bahama were equipment operator Erris Hutcheson, with 305 votes and dentist Dr Charlene Reid-Morris who got 373 votes. A total of 1,538 votes were taken in that constituency.

The nine elected individuals will serve as councilors on the City of Freeport District Council.

In the East Grand Bahama District, a total of 1,206 votes were cast. Of 20 nominated candidates, 11 individuals were elected as councilors.

Elected in the High Rock Town Area, polling division 2A: are industrial mechanical technician Eric Baillou (91 votes); educator Donovan Bowe (101); patient care assistant Patrice Mackey (93); and retiree Rafaleta Roberts (89).

In the High Rock town area polling division six, water repairman Daniel Bain got 77 votes while housekeeper Sophia Higgs received 86 and boat captain Wilton Thomas got 96 votes.

In the Sweeting Cay District of East Grand Bahama, those elected were fisherman Deon Feaster (42); self-employed Olivia Mitchell (44); fisherman Gladstone Russell (45); fisherman Bazel Tate (47); and fisherman Shervin Tate (53).

In the West Grand Bahama District, a total of 5,023 votes were cast.

Cashier Malisa Dean-Strachan received 85 votes and self-employed candidate Louise Rolle who got 91 votes were elected in the Eight Mile Rock east town area in polling division two.

In EMR East Town Area polling division 10, elected was entrepreneur Larry Wildgoose with 44 votes; and in polling Division 10B, Kevin Wildgoose with 70 votes.

In the EMR West Town Area, polling division 4 Holmes Rock, Banker Karen Leadon got 125 votes and marine operator Kevin Morris got 117; both were elected as councilors.

In EMR West Town Area (polling division 5 Martin Hill) public service driver Alexander Rolle (111); Denise Russell (94); and contractor Chouen Stuart were elected as councilors.

In EMR West Town Area (polling division 6 Seagrape), probation officer Jaron Harvey (148) and businessman George Smith (107) were elected.

In the EMR West Town Area (polling division 7 Jones Town) straddle driver Tyrone Kemp (118) and office administrator Tadd Martin (94) are the elected councilors.

In the EMR East Town Area (polling division 12) commercial analyst Yannick Rodgers (101); and facilitator Willis Rolle (122) are the elected councilors.

In the EMR East Town Area (polling division 13), elected as councilors were public service worker Felix Delancy (89) and office manager Marvette Russell (86).

In the EMR East Town Area (polling division 14) Mason Rosney Cooper was elected, receiving 96 votes.

In the Pinder's Point Town Area (polling division 1A), banker Alexio Forbes (75); unemployed candidate Devon Russell (79); and chief accounts clerk Adrian Simmons (81) were elected.

In the Pinder's Point Town Area (polling division 1B), plumber Lowell Pinder (48) and self-employed candidate Jason Smith (56) were elected.

In the West End Town Area (polling division 1 West End), elected were businessman Kenelman Barr-Smith (103); facilitator Mauva Hanna (82); and Morton Wilchcombe (86).

In West End Town Area (polling division two, West End), unemployed candidates Patara Cooper (56); and Constance Hanna (56) were elected as councilors.

Of the estimated 25,000 registered eligible voters on Grand Bahama, 14,759 participated in the local government election process.


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