Author ‘Anoints’ Readers With Her Christian Knowledge

First-time author Tanya Sweeting hosts a book singing for her debut publication, 'Unction to Function'.

First-time author Tanya Sweeting hosts a book singing for her debut publication, 'Unction to Function'.


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BAHAMIAN author Tanya Sweeting hopes to convince readers that the path to an enjoyable, satisfying and fulfilling life comes from a personal relationship with God. Ms Sweeting drives this message home in her first book, “Unction to Function”, while also reminding readers that they can utilise their gifts once they allow themselves to be directed by God. 

A meet-and-greet and signing of the book was held on Saturday at the 100% Bible Book Store. 

“Unction to Function” is another avenue that Ms Sweeting is tapping into in her effort to encourage people to find God. 

When she is not writing down her thoughts, she is directing New Image, a development organisation that seeks to mould the minds of young women and show them how successful and accomplished they can be, both spiritually and physically.

“The ability to do something is not of our own, but of God – to function in the spirit of God by moving in the unction God has for us to live a healthy, satisfying enjoyable life,” she said. 

“We often shout and laugh when we are happy or on cloud nine because of the accomplishments in our lives. This book will teach how to become and stay successful, healthy and loving, so the happy feeling can pass on to others and the anointing can spread or grow. The heart is full of a wide spectrum of emotions. If we channel our emotions in seeking after God, our Heavenly Father, an explosion of satisfaction will overwhelm us. We will be satisfied in our souls with more than happiness but with unconditional, never-ending love from God.”

The “Unction to Function” addresses those who are really pressing and somewhat missing in the world today. The information in the book helps bring perspective to the challenges that we face.

“From a young age, growing up in the church, I heard a popular local preacher say very often that you have the unction. I always wondered what he meant by it. First, I thought it was a word that he just made up. I didn’t understand that he was speaking about something very positive,” Ms Sweeting explained.

“Unction sounds like an action word, so it means that I must get ready or prepare myself to do something.”

After digging a little deeper and studying the Word of God, Ms Sweeting said received a greater revelation that she then turned into a book. 

“This book describes what is really meant by the ‘Unction to Function’ under the spirit of the Lord that gives you the power to get wealth, warfare power, healing power and the power of love,” she said.

Ms Sweeting said whenever she shared her knowledge with others, she would always receive requests to provide pointers towards living a successful and godly life.

“With the reaction from the listeners, I decided to write the entire teaching, and more, in this book with the hopes that it can be very helpful to the readers and their growth or expansion will explode,” she said.


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