Dna ‘Will Go On’ Despite Failure To Win Any Seats

Branville McCartney

Branville McCartney


Tribune Staff Reporter


ALTHOUGH the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) failed to win any seats in the general election or capture a significant portion of the votes, party Leader Branville McCartney last night insisted that it “will go on” but said his future at its helm will be determined by party executives.

“There will be a meeting in the week that will determine how we as a party move forward,” Mr McCartney said after he led the DNA unsuccessfully in a second consecutive election.

“As it relates to me returning, that is something that the DNA will have to make a determination on,” he told The Tribune. “But we will have a meeting within the coming days to determine how we move forward in the DNA and in Bamboo Town,” he remarked.

Mr McCartney also congratulated the Free National Movement on successfully contesting the 2017 general election.

Mr McCartney said he remains “hopeful” that the incoming Minnis administration is “capable of addressing the many issues that the county faces”.

“I hope and pray that this government will fix the many ills. The work starts now. Crime, lack of jobs, issues with healthcare, that dump that is still burning - this administration has a lot on its plate.

“I wish them all the very best. The people have spoken and the FNM is the new government and the work, like I said, starts now.”

The DNA contested 35 of the 39 constituencies yesterday.


proudloudandfnm 3 years, 1 month ago

If ever there was an opportunity for a third party the last 6byears were it buddy. Give it up. Its over for the DNA. You had the worst government in history being opposed by the worst opposition in history and you won no seats..



Alex_Charles 3 years, 1 month ago

Bran's face looks like he consumed 4 gallons of salt


John 3 years, 1 month ago

There will be a great falling off in the PLP party over the next few years. Many of the old guard will retire or otherwise release the reins of power and move off the scene. Many younger people will also 'disappear' as they have a difficult time dealing with this resounding defeat on the PLP, so they will not want to associate with that party, at least foe now. This can give Granville and the DNA the opportunity to move into the position of the official opposition and leave the reforming PLP as the third party. The only problem is the DNA was find out why, despite resoundly rejecting the PLP, the swing voter did not migrate to the DNA and even not to Granville himself. Public opinion is Granville is arrogant and so full of himself, he does not appeal to the common man and does not have the power or the desire to reach them. Some feel that Braille's little affair with Loretta Buttler_turner may have made him lose a lot of support, then a whole lot of votes. The whammy was double for Bran as he accepted a senate post from Turner without considering the consequences of the action, then he resigned just as abruptly, making him a more questionable leader. The numbers at the pols bear this out. So unless Granville can humble himself, lose the 'pretty boy only' image, release the 'apparent strangle hold he is perceived to have on the DNA and appeal to more PLP deserters, then he is wasting his time and his money. A third party or the independent candidate has no aooeal to the Bahamian electorate..so unless he get into the number two position he is easing his time.


jackbnimble 3 years, 1 month ago

The old heads won't retire into the sunset. They'll just leave frontline politics and stay in the background and get big fat contracts like Darrel Rolle and Neville Wisdom. The PLP always takes care of it's own and it will take radical leadership to change that.

With regard to your other comments regarding McCartney and the DNA, I totally agree. He's arrogant and just wants the glory of being Prime Minister. After this election, he clearly needs to hang it up!


DaGoobs 3 years, 1 month ago

I was a child when the PLP first came into existence. It took them 14 years to go from opposition to governing party. I was a young man when the Free PLP first started in 1970 and merged with the UBP to become the FNM, went through upheavals before becoming the FNDM for a short and then eventually reverting to the FNM. It took 20-plus years for the FNM to become the government, in the meantime gobbling up and spitting out a lot of men and women and burning up a lot of time, money, sweat and tears. Do the people at the forefront of the DNA have 14 to 20 years to give before their efforts might bear any fruit? If the early history of the PLP and FNM are anything to go by, the DNA will have to demonstrate doggedness, longevity, financial stability, a national presence through constituency branches with elected officers, regular conventions before they are likely to gain true widespread national acceptance as an alternative to either of the more established political parties.


viewersmatters 3 years, 1 month ago

I remember when big bad Brad said " the DNA doesn't needs the FNM to win an election if they retired the bulldog imagine what they can do to the pussycat" Bran had a chance to help be a part of a team to better the country but instead allow self confident get the best. Two failed election and he has yet to win any election much less secure a single seat for DNA as party leader! Where are the honor in these want to be leaders? Bran needs to resign with honor for yet another fail election and haven't been beaten to the ground by the pussycat.


The_Oracle 3 years, 1 month ago

The FNM probably aught to Give LBT a medal for wiping the DNA off the Map ! That was an insane move, tainted with megalomania, or delusions of grandeur. That Bran fell for it......Dude, what were you thinking? And that other clown appointed, Wow.


banker 3 years, 1 month ago

The trouble with the DNA is that it wasn't founded on some guiding principles. It was founded by an intellectual lightweight who didn't have a political home. He wanted the job of leader without understanding what it takes. He was cast in the same mold as Christie. He thinks that leadership of a country is just being there and not thinking very deeply.

He didn't inspire voters, because he wasn't inspired. His memes were "We are going to fix it." whereas Minnis' memes were "We are going to give the government back to the people".

Is there long term hope for the DNA? I don't think so. It wasn't founded on high principles. It wasn't founded with an overriding mission of greatness. It wasn't founded to empower people. It was merely a political vehicle for a person with a huge overestimation of his abilities and a tremendous lack of humility -- which was a virtue espoused by Dr. Minnis. I like humility in a leader.


PastorTroy 3 years, 1 month ago

Absolutely! totally agree, however, I think there is still a very slim possibility of the DNA becoming the official opposition in The Bahamas, but I don't think so with is current 'leader'. In this information age, the stench of massive corruption and arrogance will hunt the PLP for years to come! They almost completely destroyed our country in only 5 years. #WeWillNeverForget


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