Adrian Gibson Tipped For Mortgage Corporation Role


Long Island MP and WSC chairman Adrian Gibson.


Deputy Chief Reporter


LONG Island MP-elect Adrian Gibson has reportedly been pegged to fill the post of Mortgage Corporation chairman, The Tribune understands.

In a message purportedly sent to constituents, the newly elected politician acknowledged that many of his supporters were disappointed that Prime Minister Hubert Minnis did not select him for a ministerial position or for a post as parliamentary secretary.

To quell the concerns, Mr Gibson revealed that he met with Dr Minnis yesterday and was offered the top position at the government corporation.

“I wish to thank all of you for your unwavering support and confidence in me in choosing me as your member of Parliament-elect for Long Island,” Mr Gibson wrote.

“Though I have been busy and occupied over the past few days I have noticed that some of you have been disappointed with the fact that I have not been appointed as a minister in this government (and/or parliamentary secretary).

“I have been following the group and other commentary made. Let us exercise calmness of mind and not let our tempers flare. I truly understand your disappointment and concern; however, I make this pledge to you, as my constituents, that I will work as hard as I can for you and with you to ensure that Long Island gets the best of all that it is entitled to and denied over the past 25 years.

“I am assured and I have no doubt that our prime minister, the Hon Dr Hubert Minnis and (our Long Island) deputy prime minister will give us all the necessary support in accomplishing what we need for Long Island.”

He continued: “I know that you all have been waiting to see what role Long Island would play in this administration. I met with the prime minister today (Wednesday). I can advise that I have been offered the position of chairman of the Mortgage Corporation.

“Together, Long Island, you and I and our FNM government will do great things.”

“Now, Long Islanders, we move ahead. Some time during next week I will announce when we will have our first meeting to discuss our plans for moving ahead,” he said.

Mr Gibson could not be reached for comment yesterday.


proudloudandfnm 1 year ago

I don't like Gibson. He's basically a US republican type. We can do better...


TalRussell 1 year ago

Comrades! Hard understand why PM Minnis, has not rewarded young Reece Chipman, the destruction slayer of the Centreville constituency's Emperor.
Adrian could stayed home and not campaigned and still defeated Long Island's Reheasa - no need for a sword.
I heard (but not from her) that Reheasa developed lockjaw - even before the votes were counted on election night.
In the meantime - Adrian needs stop crying like Reheasa had become so accustom to whenever she felt likes Minnis, had left her out something or another.


Socrates 1 year ago

Gibson sounds like a 'Rollins type'. Dr. Minnis would be well advised to keep an eye on him. Clearly he had expectations that weren't satisfied or dare i say, a sense of entitlement because he represents LI. tell him to sit small, be quiet and try to learn to creep before he tries to walk.


TalRussell 1 year ago

Comrades! Is Adrian the 2nd Coming of "Reheasa" etched in night sky over Long Island....Remember how many times she blamed Minnis, for not inviting her to this or that?


sheeprunner12 1 year ago

Hon. Adrian Gibson ....... Your commitment to Long Island is well known ...... Do not be distracted by naysayers and sour grapes .......... These points should be your priority:

  1. Reintroduce the mailboat link between Inagua and Long Island to stimulate our agricultural industry ......... and encourage a license to be issued to a person to operate a daily ferry service between Long Island and Exuma to bring improved commerce to the island

  2. Set about building a brand-new international airport near the center of the island, and close the two airstrips at Deadman's Cay and Stella Maris ....... and find a few investors

  3. Establish a Steering Committee in each polling division to chart the way forward with the local government, church, local/diaspora business sector and the youth to initiate social projects


sheeprunner12 1 year ago

BTW: The chairmanship is a "tip" for the MP ......... Long Islanders have little need for the BMC right now, when most of us cannot find a decent income to afford a mortgage right now ..... So, this is not a cause for the people to celebrate right now ........ "Service above Self" must be the motto of every (rookie) FNM representative ....... or else, they will have a short HOA career


alexamil 12 months ago

The one thing PM Minnis needs to do is not allow his cabinet ministers to have press conferences without authorization. If he an issue, he should ask for meeting with the PM and handle it correctly. This is the way reason why Perry Christie lost control of his cabinet. If everyone feels they can call a press conference to vetted what issues that they may feel.


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