The Week That Was

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Doing business in The Bahamas - Doc appoints a high powered committee on the perception it is difficult doing business BUT listening to the GM/President of that new mega Resort hell The Bahamas is the best place on the globe to do business? Have a Committee to investigate what? Wonder what his secret is?

By the way, sir - always thought a campus was at a University or College not a resort?

Inaugural BahamasAir flight to Houston - fanfare all right for those on the flight but for the passenger waiting for their scheduled 737 jet flight to Ft Lauderdale it was one long long wait with no explanation. I guess what the Chair of BahamasAir and his cohorts forgot that there was a scheduled flight Nassau-Ft Lauderdale return using the same 737 they were flying free on to Houston! o apology - no snack - no voucher· no water· not even an apology or reason, but we call this an historic day for BahamasAir! Thanks a lot to Mr Tommy T & Co, if I were Prime Minister on knowing this you would be fired. Arrogance, sir.

The flight to Ft Lauderdale 202 was supposed to arrive at LPIA at 1.05pm. It arrived at 6.00pm.

250 Haitian migrants land close to Coral Harbour RBDF base - you listened to the Minister? Hey guy New Providence is 21x7 - you have lookouts at Yamacraw Beach hundreds of private pleasure boats sail up and down to Exuma and not a soul saw anything?

Migrants’ Rights - F Smith,QC would be correct if in the past 27 years we had enacted a comparable Law to the UNCHR Refugee Convention which we signed and subsequent protocols. There is no obligation for our Law Enforcement to ask whether the migrant wanted to claim refugee or political refugees status we can without even a Court hearing bundle them off back to Cuba and Haiti once arrangements are completed. 27 years and we ain’t passed any Law obviously we never had any intent, but sign The Convention.



November 19, 2017.


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