Rev Mcalpine Lacks Good Judgment

EDITOR, The Tribune

Given his narrow-minded and ungracious response to the Government’s proposal to welcome some students from Dominica in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, thank God Prime Minister Hubert Minnis did not appoint Pineridge MP Rev. Frederick McAlpine to the cabinet.

Dr. Minnis likely realized that Rev. McAlpine is not cabinet material, which the reverend has proven in his recent comments. In his response to the Government’s proposal, Rev. McAlpine demonstrated that he lacks the capacity for serious deliberation and thoughtfulness.

His response was knee-jerk and petulant. He lacks good judgment, the primary quality of a leader. One hopes that he remains on the backbench. This is not the caliber of individual we need in the cabinet.

Rev. McAlpine says he is only a messenger. This is nonsense. MPs are not elected to rubber stamp the thoughts of constituents. They are elected to deliberate on the issues of the day and make considered judgments on the matters before them.

Rev. McAlpine says he is a nationalist. He is trying to hide behind the banner of nationalism. One can be a nationalist and an internationalist at the same time. It appears that the reverend gentleman is actually a xenophobe. In his additional comment about Haitian children in government-operated schools he demonstrated his xenophobia in spades.

Rev. McAlpine may be entertaining on the election stump, but he has failed to demonstrate moral wisdom and moral leadership in this instance. One would have thought that as a cleric he would have shown compassion and Christian charity to children and young people from Dominica, whose country has been destroyed.

Sadly, even the Sermon on the Mount and the parables of the Good Samaritan and the Widow’s Two Mites, recounted by the Prime Minister in his communication to the House of Assembly, did not move this reverend gentlemen’s heart, which seems hardened by xenophobia in this instance, unconverted by the suffering of God’s people in Dominica.

Rev. McAlpine embarrassed the Prime Minister and his colleagues. He especially embarrassed Dr. Minnis, who was moved to tears by the plight of Dominica.

The Pineridge MP publicly rebuked his leader. Rev. McAlpine also embarrassed the good people of Pineridge.

Dr. Minnis continues to work hard to bring employment and opportunity to all Bahamians, including the people of Grand Bahama. He has rejected the false choice that the only way to care for our own people is to reject the plight of our Caribbean neighbour in their hour of need.

In the Sermon on the Mount and in other parables, Jesus teaches us that care for our neighbour is one of the most essential attributes of following Him. For some, it is okay to send our neighbours a few dollars. But God forbid that we allow them to come under our roof.



October 1. 2017.


CatIslandBoy 2 years, 2 months ago

Thank you MS for a really thoughtful, and thorough denunciation of MP McAlpine He deserves every word of it for an ill-conceived presentation that added nothing to the debate except to show his callous disregard for the plight of others while disrespecting his leader. I am sure that he didn't take a poll of his constituents (maybe his church members), and was speaking from his own selfish shallowness. May God have mercy on his soul.


Well_mudda_take_sic 2 years, 2 months ago

Look at how Minnis has unleashed his attack dogs against McAlpine......just like Pindling, Ingraham and Christie used to do whenever a MP on their side of the aisle voiced any concern or disagreement with a position or decision made by them as PM. My oh my.....and to think we had high hopes it would not be politics as usual under Minnis!

As for the position taken in the article above by the Editor of The Tribune, well let's just say it's entirely consistent with The Tribune's well known liberal and political leanings. I'm sure McAlpine had every expectation The Tribune would join the pack of Minnis's attack dogs.


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