Armed Robbery Accused Breaks Down In Court


Tribune Staff Reporter


A 23-year-old man broke down in court yesterday as he was arraigned on an armed robbery charge, tearfully telling Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt that he doesn't want to return to prison because it is hard.

Danis Cezalein of Mount Tabor Estates grew increasingly upset as his arraignment drew on, prompting Mrs Ferguson-Pratt to ask: "What do you think this court can do?" He was unaccompanied by his lawyer.

"I been to jail last year and they still trying to send me to jail," he said, suggesting that he was wrongfully identified in an ID parade.

"I supposed to go to the Department of Immigration today to be sworn in. I ain' rob nobody your honour."

Cezalein was accused of having a firearm when he robbed Darcy Cox on October 6th, 2017 of an iPhone six worth $980, a Guess watch worth $275, a silver Gucci right worth $100, a David Yurman chain neck worth $1500, a Gentlemen ring worth $40, a black Samsung J2 worth $240, a gold wedding band worth $500 and cash of $25.

The prosecutor said a voluntary bill of indictment will be submitted on November 15th.


TheMadHatter 1 year, 6 months ago

Accused by who? Witnessed by who? Items found where and when? Why was no public defender lawyer provided to him? Why are the ambulance trips from Fox Hill not reported?


stoner 1 year, 6 months ago

I did not do it your honour! No he just found the items on the ground.They are all guiltily.Armed robbery.He would have shot the individual if he did not turn over his valuables.Then it would be murder.What is wrong with these individuals.Jail time will only teach him a lesson.The next time throw the book at him and lock him for good.


bogart 1 year, 6 months ago

If he was not a pore black man and if he was some banker and had given out a loan for a hundred thousand or more to someone who did not qualify he woild be straight. If he was alleged to have taken a bribe to approve some illegal act valued over 4,000 he would be at home with a new tv, If he was approving some fraudelent cheque in a bank he would have resigned or still be working. If the bsnk could not find where the money you deposited is they would have played with your head for weeks and put you to talk to everybody wearing all dress up in fancy clothes gettin( nowhere until you gave up and closed your account. When you balck an pore a tief a can of sardine you is all over the papers but if you bright and in some bank not even your neighbour knows you get ketch tiefin If the contractor had ripped you off for thousands of dollars the bank would have told you to pay your loan plus the contractor would not be answering the phone If the insurance premium was not paid because the standing order was not paid or if the govt paid you late believe uyou me you lapse. If some white collar criminal owes you thousands believe you me uou paying plenty to some lawyer plus you getting back 100 dollars a month for years. If some bank charging you 10 dollars to cash a cheque for a few dollars believe you me dog eat ya lunch If some govt agency or controlled section do you something wrong and if you just a pore black man with no family or friend you aint gat no hook up to help you dog eat ya lunch. If some bank do you some wrong you lose cause the Central Bank will tell you dey is only represent bank to bank transaction an you done a pore black man and done scrappin so you lose If some fancy doctor do you something wrong you better find another doctor if you can afford it cause dey all pick up fer each other. If you get ripped off by someone in a suit you know you gan buck up with all dey friends an famoly an dey church people an if you know you done pore an black den nothin happenin If some politician promise to do some thing to get elected an it aint done well you have to wait 5 yeats to vote again. If youse one big time govt official or special friend wjose in charge or director you never wrong cause you wears suit an tie even though foreogn white pele hav to tells ypur govt you is wrong you still strait. It just aint right it seems if you pore an black so yo is hav to do cause you is the first to get laid off, the lines is always longer, you is the first the govt gan cut the help dey give an back to cook outs, plenty other pore people done ahead an some even gettin paid less cause dey live in the shanty, so what is a pore black man hav to do? A jus crakin joke cas it ain so.


TalRussell 1 year, 6 months ago

Comrades! No wonder the individual allegedly robbed has only $25 on their person. The rest in value, they's were wearing?


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