Updated: Glenys Hanna Martin Steps Down As Leader Of Opposition Business In The House Of Assembly

Englerston MP Glenys Hanna Martin.

Englerston MP Glenys Hanna Martin.


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DAYS after a crushing defeat in the Progressive Liberal Party’s national convention against PLP Leader Philip “Brave” Davis for leadership of the party, Englerston MP Glenys Hanna Martin confirmed her resignation as leader of opposition business in the House of Assembly.

The loss last Wednesday sparked her resignation, Mrs Hanna Martin told The Tribune yesterday, as she rebuffed speculation of frosty relations between herself and Mr Davis.

She said according to Westminster conventions, the person who unsuccessfully challenges the top post should step down, allowing the successful leadership candidate to appoint who they feel would best serve. Following a chaotic PLP national convention, Mr Davis emerged as the elected PLP leader having won 1,004 votes to 300 in favour of Mrs Hanna Martin.

Party Chairman Senator Fred Mitchell confirmed Mr Davis accepted Mrs Hanna Martin’s decision “with regret,” adding South Andros MP Picewell Forbes was appointed leader of opposition business in the House of Assembly as of yesterday.

Ahead of Mr Mitchell’s confirmation, a copy of Mr Forbes’ appointment letter first appeared on a Facebook page purportedly affiliated with the MP and was later shared in several forums on the social media platform with a caption “yet we rise.”

“It is correct that I submitted a resignation letter. I unsuccessfully challenged the leader who was ultimately victorious in the most recent convention,” Mrs Hanna Martin told The Tribune when contacted.

“The convention says if you unsuccessfully challenge, you submit your resignation and give the new leader the opportunity to appoint whomever they would wish.”

Asked whether the move was a sign of animosity, she said: “It’s not animosity. It’s what the convention requires.

“I have no concerns about working alongside them. It’s cool and within his jurisdiction,” the MP said when she was asked about effectively working with Mr Davis and Mr Forbes in Parliament.

Following her interview with The Tribune, the Englerston MP released a brief statement confirming her decision.

“By letter dated October 26, 2017, I tendered my resignation to the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition as leader of opposition business in the House of Assembly.

“The convention of our Westminster system requires that after having unsuccessfully challenged the leader who appointed me that I should tender my resignation. The leader today advised that my resignation was accepted. I will continue to be a voice for the people of Englerston and Bahamians everywhere in the halls of Parliament.”

Mr Forbes’ appointment letter from Mr Davis garnered dozens of greetings and well wishes in recognition of his new post.

The letter from Mr Davis read: “I have accepted the resignation of Mrs Glenys Hanna Martin, member of Parliament Englerston from the post of leader of opposition business in the House of Assembly. I am, as a consequence of the vacancy, very pleased to appoint you as leader of opposition business, effective immediately.

“I am confident that you will work well with the leader of government business to arrange the business of the House. With equal importance, know that our team looks to you to hold the government to account in its overall management of the House.

“Thank you for your service to the people of the Bahamas. I wish you all the best in this critical undertaking.”


John 3 years ago

O how much the shoe 👞 is on da udder foot


TheMadHatter 3 years ago

She is a true champion and a true Bahamian loyalist. The only losers at that convention were the Bahamian public.


SP 3 years ago

With newly elected dancing clown MP Picewell Forbes as leader of opposition business, we can be assured the PLP circus will continue unabated!


John 3 years ago

The PLP is obviously split in two factions at least. Those who believe it’s still business as usual and those who believe there needs to be some serious house cleaning. The most hypocritical statement so far seems to come from Perry Christie when he chastised Monique Pindling for exposing the (already known) ills of the PLP. Perry sat his ass in parliament as PM and allowed his corrupt and crooked and greedy PLP cronies to rape, ravish and bankrupt this country and he lifted not fingernail to try stop them. In fact he never even spoke out against the tiefin’ and corruption. No it wasn’t a female issue that caused Glenys-Hanna Martin to suffer such a resounding defeat to Brave Davis. It was because she was supported by Perry Christie and the most corrupt faction of the PLP. And even some PLPS with common sense realize the country could not go through another five years of what Perry Christie allowed to happen. They know the PLP cannot survive as long as it has a record of corruption to that level.


joeblow 3 years ago

Now her only option to survive politically is to walk across the aisle to the FNM, but they don't need or want her. So sad!


CatIslandBoy 3 years ago

She can also form a brand new break-a-way party that would effectively spell the end of the PLP as we knew it.


baldbeardedbahamian 3 years ago

A women MP called Martin....................................................... Sat behind Pricewell Forbes who was Farting............................ When assailed by this smell........................................................ She exclaimed "What the h??".................................................... "I quit, there's too much skylarking"..........................................................


John 3 years ago

@realfreethinker . Is he? He was the second in command when the worst corruption in the modern history of the Bahamas occurred along with the most murders! Many changes will occur before Election 2022. And doubting the PLP will ever win under Brave. In fact the FNM should be planning for another 10 years in office and beyond. It is Hubert Ingraham’s forward thinking and proper planning that allowed the PLP to come into office and perform to the level they did. If Perry Christie had put a harness on corruption and tiefin and listen to the people just a little bit more, The PLP would have flew into office for a second term.


birdiestrachan 3 years ago

LOVE you Ms. Hanna Martin. Who knows what the future holds. Only the man who holds all future in his hands. :


proudloudandfnm 3 years ago

So the PLP expects us to believe they've changed. So they appoint a lawyer who obstructed justice to protect pleasant from going to jail as leader of opposition business?!?!?

The PLP are the republicans of the Bahmas. Dirty as hell, can't ever speak truth and couldn't manage a hot dog stand...


sheeprunner12 3 years ago

Kudos to GHM ........ She is a rare breed in the PLP ....... just like AD ...... He stepped down as SLOP deputy over the infamous Commission of Inquiry in 1984 ..... Glenys has principle even though she is a ditzy politician


Bahaman17 3 years ago

So does this mean Picewell will have to stay awake in the house now?


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