Avoid Conflicts

EDITOR, The Tribune.

CLEARLY the new Government of Dr The Hon Hubert Minnis intends to flush out all misbehaviour and where appropriate ensure that all billings/accounts that might be over due are paid in full - kudos.

May I suggest that there has to be also a declaration as to whether a Board member is in a compromised position because either they have or their husband or they have an investment Company that might hold shares in a provider to any Government Corporation - Agency or Authority.

This declaration must be publicly available at all times and updated.

We have to be exceptionally careful where Ministers in privileged positions throw around allegations against a private person or where a Corporate name is named as a party who was interested in certain business only to find that the person sitting on the Government Board is a shareholder of that Company who sought to do business with the same entity.

Our islands are small - we almost know the inner thoughts of everyone anyway let’s try to avoid these obvious conflicts of interest and compromise by disclosing fully and publicly. If you don’t wish to then resign, your choice.



September 22, 2017.


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