Bahamas First Holds Governance Seminar

BAHAMAS First Holdings (BFH) recently hosted a training seminar for company directors on sound corporate governance principles, as part of its 'knowledge transfer' programme.

The event was facilitated by the Institute of Directors (IOD), a UK-based training provider that provides instruction for professional leaders.

It was part of Bahamas First's aim to ensure that its directors and workforce are equipped to meet current and future business needs. In addition to directors of Bahamas First Holdings, participants also included representatives of the Insurance Commission of the Bahamas, the Central Bank of The Bahamas and other industry professionals.

Pictured are (front L-R) Andrae Thompson, chief financial officer, BFH; Dr Samir Mikhael, BFH director; Patrick Ward, BFH president, chief executive and director; Paul Munden, course facilitator, the Institute of Directors; Ian Fair, BFH chairman and director; Alison Treco, BFH deputy chair and director; Rochelle Deleveaux, Central Bank of the Bahamas.

Second row L-R: Kencil McPhee, Insurance Commission of the Bahamas; Jamell Bodie, Insurance Commission of the Bahamas; Raymond Winder, Deloitte & Touche; Judith Whitehead, BFH director; Neil McKinney, BFH director.

Third row L-R: Michael Padfield, BFH director; Anastacia Campbell, Graham, Thompson & Company; J. LaShell Adderley, BFH corporate secretary; Linda Goss BFH director. Fourth row L-R: Kathrina Rodgers, Insurance Commission of the Bahamas; Pauline Ward, Bahamas First General Insurance Company director; Cleopatra Davis, Central Bank of the Bahamas.


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