View From Afar: What Are We Waiting For?


John Issa


I can’t remember when I wrote my first article on the renewal of Bay Street. Nor can I remember how many times I have written on this subject. The answers are, however, long ago and very many times.

I am saddened that I have to once again raise this matter but it is of so much importance to the prosperity of Nassau and its people that we must nag the authorities until the objectives of the redevelopment of Bay Street and downtown Nassau are achieved.

The British Colonial and Pointe development is a good thing but it doesn’t deal with the heart of the town. What has to be tackled is Bay Street from the British Colonial to the Paradise Island bridge.

To put it bluntly, East Bay Street is an eyesore to which we subject our people from the west heading east and visitors alike. They have to endure this on their way to Paradise Island. I don’t begrudge the developments taking place on western New Providence but they should not be as a result of the decay taking place in “Old Nassau Town where we did roam”.

Have you ever asked yourself why so many cruise ships want their own private island? Or why many passengers remain on board ship or immediately take a ferry from the cruise pier to Paradise Island?

I have to suggest that a master plan be agreed and incentives be offered to those developers who adhere to the plan. A time limit would need to be set because it is urgent that work starts soon.

I am aware there are differing views re the height of buildings and density etc, etc, etc. However, this is of such importance to the economy that compromises by all parties are needed in the national interest.


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