We Want Truth Over Generators

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Serious allegations have been thrown at BP&L over the process of the questioned RFP for the placement of Aggreko standby generators and we read today a statement-comments from the GM and we have to ask – which world is he living?

Not a single word as to the allegations that there are serious questions to potential mildly say unto words practice with regards to the standby RFP could be far worse and a stronger word would be approbate but here is the GM commenting and not a single word referring to the process of the RFP and the serious, very serious, allegations. Why? Editor - why?

Cleaning the floor of the generation area at Clifton all that needs Mr Heastie is an order from the Manager of Generation…if engines are leaking remedy that, but don’t use pathetic excuses, please. The Bahamian consumer has paid far too much for electricity over the past 30 years with zero conscience of government or the management of BEC and its successor BP&L. Why is it now LNG is talked about and not previously?

Mr Heastie, chair Osborne - the public as owners of BP&L need to know the truth - were the terms of the RFP for the replacement of the Aggreko generators compromised or not? Publish the advice to those who tendered.

Did BP&L obtain approval from URCA for the RFP and the content pre-publishing? Publish the letter of approval, please.

The public has paid far too many millions on BEC-BP&L for slick talk and posturing – it is truth time we demand transparency.



August 2, 2018.


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