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A new ride-share application aiming to "revolutionize Bahamian transportation" and provide ease of transport for locals and visitors alike is set to launch in New Providence in October, with its president telling Tribune Business the company already has its sights set on expansion throughout The Bahamas and the Caribbean.

According to Vincent Wallace, president of Kroozzy, the new ride-share service set to launch on October 1, already has over 50 licenced independent drivers.

"We are excited to announce our ride-sharing application. Every month there are millions of people looking for a reliable and safe ride. Kroozzy operates similarly to other ride share applications. Our drivers are local, qualified, independent drivers.All drivers undergo an extensive background and screening process before being approved," said Wallace.

"Our vision is for locals and visitors to get around with ease. We currently have over 50 licenced, expert and independent drivers to take you throughout Nassau. Soon Kroozzy will be expanding services to our greater Family Islands and other Caribbean islands," Wallace added.

Wallace explained the Kroozzy app - now available for free download - allows a user to select their vehicle and confirm pickup and drop off locations.

"The app displays the vehicle and driver on the map and also the arrival estimated time for pickup. In fact, you can see the driver en-route in the app with the driver's photo and vehicle details. With this option, transportation will be easy at anytime, anywhere, whether it is a pickup or drop at the airport, market, after shopping or from the beach after a day out with family to your residence or hotel.

"Kroozzy will revolutionize The Bahamian transportation and implement ride-share system across the country in an upward, onward, forward path to growth and innovation.

"Kroozzy's goal is to provide affordable transportation with a feel safe ride. Bringing together Kroozzy and Public drivers will accelerate our collaborations with other islands and deliver even better experience to our drivers and riders. We are pleased to inform that the taxi and public drivers are also highly impressed with our service. We are particularly excited to work with other islands on delivering innovation, to natives and visiter around the island. With Kroozzy and public drivers partnership, we believe that integrating our service in partnership with the public sector will transform our country's transportation landscape, increase ride-share, and make the island's tourism reputation positive."


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