Tributes Paid To 'Industrious, Distinguished' Harry Sands

NOTED attorney Harry B Sands, 92, died peacefully at his home last Wednesday, his family announced.

Mr Sands was one of the founding partners of the noted law firm Harry B Sands, Lobosky and Company.

Called to the English Bar, Mr Sands was admitted to the Bahamas Bar in 1949.

After his father, Harry P Sands died, the younger Sands assumed the mantle of the patriarch's practice, which opened in 1920.

Mr Sands was also a member of the Bar of the Turks & Caicos and the Institute of Trademark Agents (London). He specialized in the areas of intellectual property, wills, estates and probate.

Colleagues from his law firm spoke warmly of the firm's head after his death, remembering him as industrious, distinguished, and a genuine gentleman.

"Usually soft spoken, he could lay down the law when moved to do so and as a consequence, his indelible leadership-style is described as akin to an iron hand in a velvet glove," a tribute posted on the law firm's website noted.

"Harry led by example, exhibiting a quiet determination and strength of character that demanded excellence and courtesy of himself and others in their day-to-day dealings within the firm. His strict moral code and successful commercial business track record resonated with his colleagues and helped set the standard for professionalism and quality, excellence and civility, the core values of Harry B Sands, Lobosky and Company today.

"Harry was very quiet in and around the office but his presence mattered and was felt - it was a positive, stabilising influence. His door was always 'open' so his motivational and wise mentoring was available to all who cared to knock. And if anyone needed research, Harry was the best man for the job. He was extremely thorough with a wealth of knowledge.

"He didn't want or need the limelight as he preferred the quiet confines of his offices to attend to his business. His subtle leadership was more in line with coaching from the back line and for him it was always 'the less said the better'. Harry had a sharp and often disarming sense of humour. He was good at reading people too, quickly sizing them up and getting a sense of their metal. He'd learnt over the years how to get the best out of people to benefit his clients. Hence, his exceptional talent as a negotiator was subtle and polite but compelling and effective nonetheless."

Mr Sands retired at the end of December 2016, but up until then he would be in the office every day at 7am, except Friday. Friday was always his woodworking day, his firm noted.

Law partner Chinique Pratt-Kemp, who worked closely with Mr Sands from 1997, said of her mentor: "One of the highlights of my career as an attorney has been the opportunity to work with and learn from Mr Harry B Sands who has always been approachable, willing to give guidance and share his knowledge of the law.

"Over the years, he has consistently demonstrated uncompromising business ethics and exemplary leadership. I can truly say that he played a significant role in grooming me to be the sound professional that I am today."

Mr Sands loved travelling, woodcarving and stamp collecting.

"Words cannot do justice to so loved and wonderful a man," his family said in a statement. "We will miss you forever, forget you never and love you always."

Mr Sands is survived by his wife, Olwen Sands, two children, Mr Rodney Sands and Mrs Shelley Sands Troppe. He is also survived by grandchildren and great grandchildren.


K4C 3 years, 5 months ago

he is possibly the very last of the Bay Street Boys


Gotoutintime 3 years, 5 months ago

Nope--Godfrey Kelly is still alive!


K4C 3 years, 5 months ago

forgot about him, after his demise who will the new Bahamas blame for it's problems ?


momoyama 2 years, 9 months ago

Peter Graham is still living too, and is two years older than Godfrey.


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