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In keeping with its mission to impact the whole person, Stephen C Munroe International Ministries (SCMI) is bringing back its "Help a Child" event this weekend.

This is the third back-to-school extravaganza for the ministry and is meant to extend a helping hand to those who may find a time of need. It will be held this Saturday at the T A Robinson Sports Stadium (south parking lot) from 11am to 4pm.

The ministry is seeking the support of the general public for its initiative.

SCMI is a non-profit organisation that has been established by God to unleash his prophetic word globally, to give aid, to build, equip and empower the kingdom of God through strengthening the whole man - spirit, soul and body.

In 2016, SCMI held its first back-to-school event to provide support to Bahamians throughout New Providence. Last year, the ministry assisted more than 3,000 parents by virtue of providing school supplies to their children. It is its mission to love and support those within the community who require a helping hand.

"One day I was riding through a community and I saw some kids…they were going back to school and their uniforms and shoes looked a bit old. Their backpacks were old as well," Prophet Stephen Munroe told Tribune Religion. "Thankfully, for me, I was privileged and never had that issue growing up. And then it hit me and I felt as though if I could help a child, I would.

That was the birth of a back-to-school event that provides kids with some of the essential items they need for the new academic year.

"We give away bags, books, tennis. It is also like a big fun day for the kids, so some of who may have not gone on a vacation this summer, we give them that day to enjoy themselves and have fun before they go back to school," he said.

Prophet Munroe said it warms his heart to be able to provide help and support to the thousands who attend the event every year.

"We normally have anywhere from 3,500 to 4,000 people come out to the event and we have a very organised system. We always get good reviews, too, because I am not the type person who will give something that I would not wear or use. Everything that we give out we ensure it is a quality item," he said.

Prophet Munroe said he is only one person, but if everyone comes together and does their part, a little can go a long way.

"Little is much when God is in it. So if you do a little bit, another person does a little bit and everyone does a little bit, that becomes a whole lot," he said.

"We also have to give thanks to our sponsors who have been faithful to us for the past three years. I am not doing this event on my own and it is those who believe in our cause and decided to help is who makes the event possible."

The event will also feature free health screenings.


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