Former Miss Bahamas Enjoys The 'Pampered Life'


Miss Bahamas-turned-entrepreneur Raquel Horton.


Tribune Features Reporter


SINCE launching her mobile grooming company Pampered Life in 2013, Raquel Horton has been steadily spreading her vision of nature-based wellness throughout the islands of the Bahamas.

It was Raquel's love for the beauty industry and her experience as Miss Bahamas Universe 2004 that initially inspired her to start her own business venture that specialises in everything from hair and nails, to massage therapy, modelling, speech therapy, pageant grooming and a host of other services.

Raquel has won numerous pageant titles both locally and internationally, such as Miss Teen Bahamas and Miss Tourism Intercontinental. She is also a Bahamian print and runway model along with a radio and television personality.

"Pageantry and entertainment are about beauty and fashion, healthcare and personal development, so being able to provide a variety of services in relation to those areas is the main idea. Thus Pampered Life - The Mobile Grooming Company bloomed blissfully. Pampered Life's main goal is the continue to develop and progress, providing great service to as many as possible," Raquel told Tribune Woman.

The products and services offered at Pampered Life are a combination of little known bush medicines and other herbal oil mixtures. According to Raquel, these secret formulas are perfected and skillfully blended by her in order to help her customers achieve objectives like healthier skin and prevent osteoporosis. She claims her products also function as pain relievers and can be used to combat rheumatoid arthritis and anxiety, promote respiratory health and prevent diabetes. Raquel offers free consultations on how to use certain products.

"Most people who have purchased the products used it for pain and have claimed the products have worked faster than expected and truly work. The Pampered Life healing oil and spray has received numerous positive testimonials," she said.

"(Pampered Life) is convenient and that is important. The company is mobile, meaning that we come to you," said Raquel.

The beauty enthusiast is interested in expanding in the area of pet grooming, as she believes it is important for animals to also receive wellness treatments.


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