Saunders: I’Ll Hold Feet To Fire Over Dump


Deputy Chief Reporter


TALL Pines MP Donald Saunders says he plans to hold the government and Providence Advisors/Waste Resources Development Group Consortium’s feet to the fire when it comes to the management and proper maintenance of the Nassau dumpsite.

Following Environment Minister Romauld Ferreira’s announcement that the consortium was the selected bidder to manage the landfill, Mr Saunders said the city dump had been a concern from the day he accepted the nomination for his constituency, where the landfill is located.

He said: “Today is an historic day for the island of New Providence, an historic day for the people of Tall Pines and in particular the residents of Victoria Gardens and Jubilee Gardens.

“Today I am happy to see the government finally agree to a company that will fix this problem once and for all. I am happy for the residents of Tall Pines who I work tirelessly for each and every day.

“Today marks another election promise by the Free National Movement government being fulfilled. Today marks another election promise being fulfilled by Don Saunders on behalf of his people of Tall Pines.

“With this new management company coming in with its experience they will reorganise the dumpsite and set up a proper way to dispose of the waste and will eliminate the dump fires we all have come to know about over the many years.”


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