Police Investigate Series Of Armed Robberies

NEW Providence police are actively searching for the men responsible for a number of armed robberies which occurred over the weekend.

In the first incident, shortly after 11pm on Friday, police were told a woman pulled up to a residence on Sandilands Village Road when she was approached by a gunman.

The thief stole her handbag, which contained cash and other items, before running away.

A short time later, after 11pm on Friday, another woman reported she had arrived at a residence on Rum Close when she was approached by an armed man, who stole her handbag containing cash and other items, before running away.

The final incident happened shortly after 3am on Saturday.

Police reported that a man was in the area of Fort Charlotte when he was approached by a group of men, one armed with a sharp object, who robbed him of cash, a cell phone and jewelry, before getting into a black Acura car and sped away. Investigations are ongoing.


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