Bahamasair, Ministry Fly Children To Exuma For One-Day Trip


BAHAMASAIR and the Ministry of Social Services and Urban Development jointly flew 33 children to Exuma for a one-day getaway.

The national flag carrier and the ministry continued their annual tradition of spreading joy to the less unfortunate during the Christmas season.

Tommy Turnquest, Bahamasair Chairman, said the event was fully supported by the airline’s board of directors, management, and staff and is an example of the company’s commitment to good corporate citizenship.

“Christmas is special for the national flag carrier and despite being very busy with passengers this gives the company a chance to pause and really give back to the less fortunate in society," the former Cabinet minister said.

“Thanks to the hardworking men and women at Bahamasair who really go above and beyond to put on the annual event that continues to provide such a positive experience for the children."

The group of children started their day with a “hearty down-home” breakfast followed by an island tour, which included the Pompey Monument and the settlement of Barraterre. The children played exciting games, ate food and received a gift from Santa Clause.

Two successful young men from Exuma, Samson Colebrooke and Hanzel Rolle, shared their success stories with the children, encouraging them to never give up.

Social Service & Urban Development Minister Frankie Campbell accompanied the children and shared his experience on the one-day trip.

Mr Campbell said: “This is a wonderful gesture from Bahamasair, where our children can realise that being in a home does not limit them from experiencing what the Spirit of Christmas is all about.

“The children experienced firsthand what it is to be cared for and given a reason to say ‘thank you’, and in the end I’m looking forward to next year. I wish Christmas would come early.

“I am impressed with the effort and time put into organising this fly-out, and grateful on behalf of the children who can’t speak for themselves. There is hope that we will breed a group of productive citizens in this lot.”


pingmydling 1 year, 11 months ago

Oh, now I understand why there was a shortage of planes during the Bahamasair chaos. Sorry Mr. Davis your plane took some kids joy riding to Exuma. You can't make this stuff up!!


TheMadHatter 1 year, 11 months ago

Need to stop putting these childrens' heads in the clouds (literally). Why make them dream big dreams and think they can be successful contributing members of society - when we know full well that they are destined to be grovelling dogs, begging a Chinaman for a slice of bread?


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