High Level Of Success For University Of The Bahamas North In 2017


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The University of the Bahamas North achieved a high level of academic success at the Grand Bahama campus, with one-third of its student body achieving a 3.0 GPA and higher for the 2017 school semesters.

Some 183 students were named to the Dean’s List and 27 to the President List. The students were recently recognized during the annual Student Success Day held at the campus.

Dr Ian Strachan, vice president of UB North, and Miss University of the Bahamas Nyisha Tilus spoke at the event, inspiring students to continue to achieve success in their academic and personal lives.

While commending students, Dr Strachan explained that success is not only defined by wealth and/or material possessions, and challenged them to look at success differently.

“The brand of shoes you wear, your status, your phone; those are things you tend to think of as success. And although we are here celebrating your achievement … I want to remind you that there is more to success than these trappings.”

Dr Strachan further said: “I can think of people who, according to world standards, are a success, but they are causing the world a whole lot of trouble. I can think of someone with great material wealth and someone who has risen to the office of the most powerful man in the most powerful country in the world … but I don’t know that you would ascribe success to (President) Donald Trump, who to some extent seems to be successful.”

“I can think of those who have won elections and held office and driving in fancy government cars, and who go in the front of the line on Bahamasair and are called Honourable. But those people through the offices they hold are enriching themselves getting paid under the table, hiring their own cronies to do things and making themselves rich off the public purse, …are they successes?

The UB vice president said that a person can have good grades and actually be a horrible person.

He encouraged students to focus on three things that he believes will lead to true success. The first is personal growth (emotional and spiritual maturity); second is finding fulfilment and satisfaction in what they do (not necessarily money); and third, loving themselves and their neighbours.

“The greatest form of success is to love yourself and to love your neighbour as you love yourself - that is hardest one of all, and if you can achieve that, then you have truly achieved success.”

Miss Tilus delivered an inspirational address of her journey about getting a college education and becoming the first Miss UB and overcoming the challenges of poverty and the stigma of being a Haitian-Bahamian from the Mud.

She shared her struggles of growing up in Abaco in one of the largest Haitian shanty villages before finding the courage to go to Nassau and leaving her family to pursue higher education.

“When I got the invitation to come (to speak with you), I was thinking about what to say about my personal story and how it relates to success. Although we equate success to achievement and other things, I equate it to the things I am doing now. When I decided that I wanted to get out (of the Mud), when I wanted to be the best in my field, and I pushed myself. I made deliberate steps to push myself – that’s when I saw things lining up and falling into place,” she said.

Miss Tilus said that each person has something to give to the world. She encouraged students to do their part to make UB, and the country a better place.


sheeprunner12 2 years, 2 months ago

Making 3.00 today means absolutely nothing ....... in the USA, students cannot be failed or else the teachers and principals and professors will be fired ......... Just check the Bahamian public schools where many 3.00 students cannot pass 5 BJCs or BGCSEs to go to college. We have to stop using GPA as a measuring stick and go back to percentile ranking in class.

The system is just watered down and this COB2.0 cannot compare with the realCOB of the past with Keva Bethel and lecturers who demanded HIGH standards ...... just look at the Teacher Ed. graduates today ........... and those who walk across pedestrian crossings and get knocked down while texting on their cellphones ........ LMAO


John 2 years, 2 months ago

Sheeprunner your argument is entirely WRONG...did you miss the awards ceremony last week where persons have passed 8 and 9 of the exams you mentioned? Some with as many "A's" and "B's" as the number of exams they sat. the problem is keeping the cream of the crop here when so much better opportunities are available abroad. And this whole Education system is a fraud that is designed to label most students as failures because it rates everything on academics. A person going to work in a hotel as a maid or porter does not need a 3.0 GPA. Likewise for mechanics and construction workers or farmers. In fact a 3.0 student will not function in these jobs. Time for the government to stop following foreigners and quoting 'D' as the national average. Not everyone is born smart, just as not everyone is born white or tall. Match the students with their skills and develop the skills and their interests after grade 9 and stop allowing them to come out of school marked 'failure' and allowing the labor market to take advantage of them.there are many underdeveloped industries in this country that these young people can perform in. Discriminating against someone because he/she is not a 3.0 student is just as bad as discriminating because someone is black.


ohdrap4 2 years, 2 months ago


take the mechanics off the list. cars are computerized nowadays, including the diagnostic. you may see yourself having to buy a new car because no one knows how to fix it.

And we are nor talking rocket scientits here. you need basic math to build plumb walls, lay tiles and cabinets.


sheeprunner12 2 years, 2 months ago

John ........ just go and read about what the GPA criteria is all about.

Secondly, do you know why we are using BGCSE in this country??????


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