Rivers Of Living Waters Revival Promises To Be 'Life-Changing'


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Under the theme "Crossing Over", the members of Rivers of Living Waters Ministries International will host the church's 2018 revival this week.

The event will take place at Rivers of Living Waters on Soldier Road, beginning tonight at 7.30pm and continuing tomorrow night. The revival will feature host pastors Prophet Derrick and Lydia Bastian, as well as special guest speakers Prophet Don Clarke of Emmanuel Baptist Church and Apostle Delano Rolle of New Direction Ministries.

In an interview with Tribune Religion, guest speaker Apostle Delano Rolle explained the purpose of the revival.

"Don Clarke is opening up for Pastor Bastian tonight, and I am speaking on the following night. Revival 2018 is basically geared towards helping a lot of Christian people, as well as persons who may not be saved, to really be empowered to be able to cross over into the next level of their lives; mentally, spiritually and emotionally," said Apostle Rolle.

He said theme of this year's service is geared towards breaking the repressive and oppressive bonds, and helping them to be able to enjoy a more richer, rewarding life in God.

"I believe these services are important for the community at large because it helps to give people an understanding and awareness of the fact, of knowing they don't have to live stuck or by the situations they are dealing with at present. They should know they, too, have an option and a choice in all of this," he said.

Apostle Rolle said those attending the revival will experience "an awesome time". And as a guest speaker he is looking forward to hearing people say their lives were changed and transformed by the event.

"I would like to hear them say they are now empowered and motivated to move forward and embrace the new opportunities that God has for them on the next side. There are a lot of people going through hurt and who brought baggage into 2018, so I am looking forward to some positive results where persons are able to say this conference was a life-changing experience and I am so glad that I came," he said.


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