Sounding The Spiritual Battle Cry

BELIEVERS from all throughout the Bahama Islands came together last Friday at the Gathering of Prophets Conference to pray for the nation.

Change Bahamas Ministries, founded by Prophet Leo Adderley, hosted the conference under the theme "Waging War For the Islands". It was held at the BCPOU Hall, which was turned into a spiritual "war room".

The goal was to call a solemn assembly of believers, gathering preachers from every island to come together in worship, prayer and declarations.

Apostle Leon Wallace and Apostle Rodney Roberts, along with Prophetess Saveletta Fowler, shared the platform with Prophet Adderley as each of them made declarations over the country and its people.

People gathered at the hall from as early as 5pm, with great anticipation of what God was about to do. By 7pm, there was not even standing room in the hall or its foyer, said organisers.

"Truly, our nation is ripe and hungry for revival. I've never seen a crowd of people so enthused and energised to worship God. The harvest is truly ripe, but the labourers are so few. There is so much more we, the Church, can do to foster revival and change," said Prophet Adderley.

It was also Prophet Adderley's vision to bring the three pacesetters of the apostolic church together to impart, instruct and equip believers for this season in which we are in. Each of them, in their own way, spoke to the theme "Fight, Win and Reign".

Apostle Rodney Roberts declared: "Fight or get beat up." He said this is the hour that God will rise and all our enemies will be scattered, but we must still be equipped and adorned with the armour of God. He also talked about the spread of witchcraft within our nation, but reminded believers that the power of God is stronger than any force the enemy sends.

Meanwhile, Apostle Leon Wallace stated that God has proclaimed 2018 as "the year for the warriors". He said every door that the enemy has closed, God will open.

Prophetess Saveletta Fowler challenged the Church to stay in the "war room".

"The only way the Church can reign is if we stay in the 'war room'," she said. In order to win, we must fight, and in order to reign the we have to win."

Prophetess Fowler also challenged the people to put on the whole armour of God, as the Lord has shown her that the Church will face much warfare in the coming years.

Prophet Adderley then encouraged all believers to fight strategically, as the weapons of their warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God. He declared that this is the season of revival for the churches of the Bahamas and that God will strengthen those that have been weak in the valley and give them a mountain top experience, but to prepare themselves for great battle as the enemy has intensified his warfare.

During the conference, Prophet Adderley's evangelistic ministry, Change Bahamas, was highlighted in a video presentation showing all the islands that he has travelled to.

Apostle Gilbert Rolle Sr, from Gateway Outreach Ministry in Bimini, then endorsed and encouraged others to support Change Bahamas, as he said he has witnessed the transformation it has brought throughout the islands. He said Apostle Adderley has not only carried the word of God to people, but also food items and clothing to those in need.

Prophet Adderley, thanks all leaders and believers who was obedient to the call and for their support.

"Truly, the Bahamas is on the verge of one of the greatest revivals that we have ever seen, but that also comes with warfare," Prophet Adderley told Tribune Religion.

"Watchmen and gatekeepers on every island must sound the alarm and blow the trumpet, because much trouble is headed to our islands, what we are seeing now is the only the beginning of sorrow. It is my prayer that the war room has ignited a flame in the lives of everyone that has attended, and that they will be a catalyst for the great move that is about to take place."

To contact Prophet Leo Adderley, e-mail leo.adderley@hotmail.com


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