Anger Over Black Panther’S Rating

A scene from Marvel Studios’ 'Black Panther'.

A scene from Marvel Studios’ 'Black Panther'.


Tribune Staff Reporter


PATRINA Farquharson, who works with children and charitable groups, is raising money to take young people to see “Black Panther,” the cultural phenomenon hailed for its rare and empowering portrayal of blackness on the silver screen.

But there is a problem: the movie is rated T, meaning children below 15 are prohibited from watching it in theatres.

Unlike in some countries, where children are allowed to watch PG-13 movies under adult supervision, regulations here say no child under 15 can watch a Rated T film in theatres, even if accompanied by an adult.

Ms Farquharson, who is already raising money in a bid to book-out a theatre for children, said this is disappointing in light of the cultural significance of the film.

“All children, from eight onwards in the public schools that I’ve been working with, have the maturity to understand this movie,” she said.

“Black Panther” portrays its black actors and actresses in the non-stereotypical role of superheroes; not gangster, drug-dealer, slave, or mere source of comic relief.

Despite its fictional setting, the movie, Ms Farquharson believes, enables young people to imagine greater possibilities for themselves in a world that often prompts them to think only of their limitations.

“As far as I know, there isn’t anything they shouldn’t see in that,” she said. “I believe it’s important to see the possibility of thinking ‘what if.’ If the rating could be reworked for this movie, I would be very happy. That would enlarge the group of children we can give the opportunity to see this. What’s important for me is I’m Bahamian but Asian. When I work with kids in the city, I think they think people who look like them don’t have a right to be successful; they expect for us to be successful because we’re not black. It’s important to see people like them can do anything.”

Tavarrie Smith, a youth leader who planned to take a group of young people to the theatre to see the movie as well, said the matter highlighted the outdatedness of this country’s film rating system.

“While I understand that The Bahamas can be very conservative in its values, we live in an age of social media, digital technology and evolving social norms,” he said. “Our ratings should reflect the times in which we live, especially by empowering parents to be better parents. No one is advocating for a change in the rating system that exposes children and teenagers to unnecessary violence, language and sexual themes - but for a rating system comparable to time and age in which we live. Our children will see these films with or without parental consent, the internet has already made that possible - so why not allow our rating system to consider ‘parental guidance’ rather than outright exclusion for films with strong content. This story is about ‘access’ for me, I just want children to have access to seeing themselves on the big screen in such a positive way.”

The movie, which opened over the weekend, is a box office smash, with international reports indicating global ticket sales will total an estimated $387m by today.


HonestTruth 4 months ago

My goodness, is this really a story the tribune is publishing? My goodness, do you guys have nothing to talk about.


rawbahamian 4 months ago

Dear Honest Truth, this is, something to talk about and share, for the youth of the Bahamas to see that they don't have to settle for being second class as they are now being lead to believe !!!


TheMadHatter 4 months ago

Bahamians are not allowed to rise above a D-Average. That is the law.

Blocking kids from seeing this film will go a long way in maintaining the status quo. Perhaps even reduce to an F ?

Do members of the Film Board have names? Or are they nameless, faceless apparitions in dark cloaks?


educateme 4 months ago

It really is disconcerting when persons make mention of this "D Average". You do realize that it is an 'average' not to be mistaken that all Bahamian children have achieved a 'D'. Just for clarity, please note the BGCSE comparison to U.S.A grading systems. A 'D' in BGCSE is actually equivalent to a 'C' in the US grading system according to classbase.com

Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education Grade US Grade
G D Lowest passing grade H Ungraded F

This is the explanation given for a D:

D Knowledge specific and appropriate to the task – comprehension evident, Critical thinking / problem-solving skills satisfactory.


TheMadHatter 3 months, 4 weeks ago

Well, if we don't want to continue to look STUPID - we ought to change our rating scale. I mean, why have a rating scale that has to be translated to be relevant to the country where most of our kids go to college, and most of our products come from, and most of our tourists come from, and most of our (fill in the blank with anything) comes from.
Perhaps we just LIKE to look stupid and do whatever we can to achieve that - even being non-conformist. By the way, if that is the real definition of a D - "satisfactory" etc - WHAT THE HECK WOULD an "A" be????? Child can build a space shuttle out of coconuts? The grading system sounds stupid and makes everyone look stupid. It leads to low self esteem and causes kids to give up and not even try.
That, of course, is what is wanted. Just like back in the day when black folk were not allowed to read. They will do anything to keep black people down - and the shame today is the black people "in charge" are the ones doing it to their own.


tetelestai 3 months, 4 weeks ago

Madhatter, take the "loss" on this one. You have been clearly refuted with facts and an easily verifiable source...no need to embarrass yourself any further. All of your piety, wit or writing in all caps as though we who read these boards are blind, will not help.
Just accept educateme's explanation and move on...please and thank you.


TheMadHatter 3 months, 4 weeks ago

Sure. Will do. I am unworthy of a "D" myself. I take an "F" on this one.


educateme 3 months, 4 weeks ago

Actually the grading system was approved by Cambridge University and complied with the grading system used for Great Britain's GCSE examinations up to 2017. You are correct, we have failed to adequately explain the grades and the system needs revamping. These are the actual explanations for grades.

A Knowledge – specific, appropriate and comprehensive; evidence of exceptional comprehension skills, and outstanding high order skills — problem solving and critical thinking skills

B Knowledge – specific, appropriate and comprehensive; evidence of exceptional comprehension skills; yen good high-order, problems solving, critical thinking skills.

C Knowledge specific and appropriate to the task —evidence of sound comprehension skills; good high – order, problem-solving skills.

D Knowledge specific and appropriate to the task – comprehension evident, CritiCal thinking / problem-solving skills satisfactory.

E General basic knowledge exhibited, also evidence of ability to comprehend this knowledge and limited problem solving skills.

F Basic knowledge still limited – goes beyond the recall, recognition level to show some understanding of this basic knowledge; very limited problem—solving skills evident.

G Limited basic knowledge about the tasks required and only at the recall or recognition level — with no comprehension and no problem- solving skills evident.


Porcupine 3 months, 4 weeks ago

Sorry, But you would be hard pressed to convince me that we are doing an acceptable job of educating. I can point to many sources that suggest that our own Bahamas, as well as the rest of the world, are seeing the empirical results of our education. We have a failing ecosystem which will soon be unable to support human life, if we don't kill ourselves first in a hail of nuclear bombs. The bees are dying, the fish are disappearing, the reefs are dying, we murder each other with regularity, can't make change at a Wendys. Our educated adult MPs approve of the idiotic juvenile ravings by a Halson Moultrie. Wow! What a great job we're doing in raising the bar for educated adults, no matter who we're compared to!!!


sealice 3 months, 4 weeks ago

great make more excuses for the dumbarses.... why is it always some excuse...teach the kids to learn not lie and make up schit!


joeblow 4 months ago

I guess some more corruption from the former gov't has to come to light. Must be a slow news week!


Straight_Talk_Bahamas 4 months ago

I wonder what Passion of the Christ will be rated next month?


ThisIsOurs 4 months ago

Is there violence in the movie? As decrepit over-25-year-olds, we may not fully grasp what that level of violence does to the 8year old brain. Adult supervision in a movie is a farce. You give them food take them to the bathroom and that's about it. No one stops to consul the children when disturbing scenes come on. And you most certainly don't leave if something that could be too adult flashes across the screen


John 4 months ago

KFC has temporarily closed 800 stores in the UK 🇬🇧 because of a chicken shortage. Many workers did not know about the closures until they showed up to work and saw notices posted on the food chain’s doors. Bahamians, staff and customers would go crazy


sealice 3 months, 4 weeks ago

dis lady gonna pocket all the money and have all the kids come to her house and watch the movie on her Android box....


joeblow 3 months, 4 weeks ago

Does anyone really believe this movie has a message that will inspire one child to be all they can be? They will be entertained, talk about the special effects and go home.

This is really a non-issue, just like the article!


sheeprunner12 3 months, 4 weeks ago

What did Superman and Wonder Woman movies do for little white kids for decades?????? ......... Ever heard of Shaka Zulu??????

Black people always look to keep themselves so damn nignorant ........ smt


The_Oracle 3 months, 4 weeks ago

The Black panther first appeared in a fantastic 4 comic book in 1966, Buy them those instead, teach them to read. It is fantasy and violent, graphic, not that I agree with the Censorship board who will all watch the movie! Or buy them all bootleg dvd's and watch it in class. Such a shame we have no real heroes to emulate, just politically suspect proxies.


OrlandoBethel 3 months, 4 weeks ago

There is one valuable lesson that is demonstrated in the Black Panther movie that all Bahamians should heed...if you take a person whose cultural heritage is rich in respectful, ethical and moral values and you allow that person to be raised in and influenced by the black American culture...you will produce a wicked and muderous, profane mouthed thug instead of a wise, just and honorable king.


TheMadHatter 3 months, 4 weeks ago

Sheeprunner..as always you are correct. People like Tetelestai & Educateme have been conditioned to accept failure. Note their heartfelt arguments that a D-average is a good thing. Firstly, it's not a good thing. Secondly, it is an average, so imagine how many students had to score below a D in order to balance against those who scored above with either of the 3 options above a D.

The best slave is one who does not know he's a slave - and there are at least two on this board.


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