Staying Fit Beyond New Year's Resolutions

Natasha Brown of Ultimate Fitness.

Natasha Brown of Ultimate Fitness.


Forget New Year's resolutions, try an entire lifestyle change so that year after year you feel healthier, happier and more fit than ever.

When fitness expert Natasha Brown was asked by Tribune Health for tips to help readers keep their diet and exercise resolutions, she refused, stating that too often it's this exact mindset that holds people back from attaining their fitness goals.

"I think where we go wrong is when we put a time frame on this thing, and we shouldn't," she advised.

"Every day of your life you are challenged. Just like how you have to get up and get on your job even when you don't want to go but you still have to show up. It's a commitment you make to yourself. If you didn't work out in the morning, you commit to making sure you work out in the evening. Make it a must - just like you must take a bath, you must feed yourself and your family, you must get dressed."

Natasha said that "your health lies in your daily routine and what you put in your mouth", so for the new year, making health and fitness a daily routine is key.

She asks readers: "Are you able to arrange your life in such a way that you make fitness and health a priority? You must make it a lifestyle and a habit. Until you do that, you won't succeed."

Oftentimes, persons try to achieve fitness goals alone. They may be getting help with their health from a physician or nutritionist, but still try to deal with their workout regimen alone. It's a mistake that has led many on the seemingly never-ending fat/skinny cycle where their constantly weight fluctuates.

In 2018, Natasha advises that those committed to achieving the body they desire to seek professional assistance, such as hiring a personal trainer, taking out a gym membership, or joining a certified fitness group to work with.

"Take the first week of 2018 and do some research to find a programme that is right for you," she said.

"Find a programme that you think you can be a part of and be committed to doing it. Don't go because your friend is doing it. Go to some of the programmes you have heard are excellent and see if its a place you want to be in the rest of the year. Stop investing in one-month memberships; it shows you are not serious. Commit to the entire year."

Natasha was the first female fitness professional in the Bahamas; she received her pro card from International Federation of Body Building & Fitness (IFBB) and holds a Master's degree in health, physical education and recreation from Murray State University in Kentucky, US. She is currently providing top class fitness training for guests at major hotels in New Providence as she expands her brand to the hospitality industry. Natasha also lectures part time at the University of the Bahamas in the School of Education. Devoted members of her Ultimate Fitness team haven't left her side, however, and she makes time to keep them motivated and provides them with an inspirational voice message at 4am daily to get them motivated to get up and stick to their commitment by starting their day with movement.

For the new year, Natasha suggests coming up with a mantra that you can use to motivate yourself all year round. For Ultimate Fitness goers, their daily mantra is: "I am the ultimate me! I showed up! I gave it my all! I fought hard! I want it bad! I want results!"

If you want results but suffer with health issues, Natasha says be certain to speak with your physician and also have your fitness trainer communicate with your health professional. This way, you can find a routine tailored to your needs, resulting in the healthy continence and fit physique you desire.

Eat more lean meats and move from a meat-based diet to a plant-based diet, she added.

"Get off all sugary foods, minimise your meat intake, drink lots of water, get lots of rest, and take your lunch breaks!"

Too often, people sit at their desks the entire day, she said, and for this reason, she will be devising a lunch break workout to share with the public in 2018. She also has several ideas on the drawing board as she continues to motivate people to live their best lives. For consultations, call Natasha at 426-6420 or e-mail downtownnatashabrown@outlook.com.


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