Privatise Junkanoo

EDITOR, The Tribune.

WE love Junkanoo so much that every single post parade there is controversy so I suggest privatise the whole event and let’s see whether the public really is willing to put their money where obviously their mouths are.

Maybe the Government will be responsible for one aspect - erecting the bleachers nothing else.

God help us if we listen to a hinted suggestion of the Minister that we should build a purpose-built arena for Junkanoo as, like Thomas Robinson Stadium, that will never make money.

The route needs to change - start at the Eastern Parade and come up to the Hilton, a straight run where the parade will end. Dancing in probably two areas en route include Rawson Square. No parade on Shirley Street as that will now be used for two way traffic.

If the Groups can’t make this a financial and attendance success then sorry, all financial support will be removed. It is time the Groups learn and let realism decide.



January 2, 2018.


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