Calvary Deliverance Celebrates 36th Anniversary

The Calvary Deliverance Church family, under the leadership of Bishop James Newry and Elder Queenie Newry, will commemorate another year of growth in the church's history. Calvary Deliverance will observe 36 years of ministry during its annual convention scheduled for 22nd - 26th July, 2018.

This year's conference theme is "The Year of New Beginnings, Revelation, Declaration & Manifestation - The Year To Live & Not Die", taken from Psalms 118:17-24. The purpose of this year's theme is to encourage believers of His word to walk with a renewed faithfulness as God reveals, declares and manifests in a new season.

"Although the enemy may press against us, God has not left us alone. He has opened the gates of heaven for the righteous to dwell within. When others may have counted us out and rejected us, God has raised us up in front of those same naysayers. For the word of God says, 'The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone' (Psalm 118: 22)," said church representatives.

"God continues to allow us to move forward as ambassadors of His holy word. Thirty-six years of faithful and relentless service to God's ministry is indeed a blessing to the Calvary Deliverance Family."

Church representatives said they are gratified to ride to follow in the footsteps of "faith-filled gladiators" of Christ such the late Rev Cornelius Stubbs, Rev Clementina Stubbs and Elder Bursil Brown, and their present Pastor Emeritus, Bishop V G Clarke. The church's current senior pastor is Bishop James Newry.

The assembly, organisers said, will host warriors of Christ who will be ready to wage war in the name of the Lord. Speakers will include conference host Bishop James Newry, Bishop V G Clarke, Apostle Leon Wallace, Prophetess Dr Jasmine Dareus, Apostle Eileen Johnson and Apostle Phalmon Ferguson.

All of the services will be held at the church, located #511 East Street South. They will be held on July 22 at 8am and 11am, and continue July 23-26 at 7pm nightly.

Calvary Deliverance will also host two lectures during this week, on Tuesday and Thursday, at 7pm.

Music will be provided by a number of local gospel groups and psalmists, including Edison Sumner and VOP, and the CDC Fine Arts Ministry. For further information, contact 325-1802.


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