College Student Dies In Three-Car Collision

The scene of the crash on the Western Road south of Mount Pleasant Village. Photo: Terrel W Carey/Tribune staff

The scene of the crash on the Western Road south of Mount Pleasant Village. Photo: Terrel W Carey/Tribune staff


Three car collision aftermath


Tribune Chief Reporter


AN 18-year-old college student died of his injuries at the scene of a three-car collision on Friday.

Police say Achintya Garikaparthi’s white Mazda veered into northbound traffic on the Western Road south of Mount Pleasant Village shortly after 9am.

Chief Superintendent Craig Stubbs, officer-in-charge of the Traffic Division, said: “The white Mazda was travelling south along the corridor when apparently the driver lost control and collided with a vehicle travelling in the northbound lane and the third vehicle then collided into the first two vehicles that were involved in the accident.”

“The two female drivers of those second and third vehicles have been transferred to PMH with non-life threatening injuries at this time.”


Achintya Garikaparthi

Medical personnel from Lyford Cay clinic repeatedly attempted CPR at the scene but were unable to revive Mr Garikaparthi, Mr Stubbs said.

Mr Garikaparthi, a St. Augustine's College alumnus, is the son of Dr. Srikanth Garikaparthi, a consultant Plastic Surgeon at Princess Margaret Hospital and Doctors Hospital.

He was reportedly due to return to Canada to resume his studies next week.

At the scene on Friday, Mr Stubbs made an appeal for motorists to observe speeding limits as it was a factor in a number of serious traffic accidents occurring in New Providence this year.

“If we look at all of the fatalities or serious accidents which have occurred in New Providence alone. We would say maybe five percent of them is the result of persons going in excess of the speed limit. Thus you would see the traffic officers now selecting roadways or corridors where we find persons seem to exceed the speed limit and we will be targeting those persons.

Mr Stubbs said: “This week alone we have cited over 100 persons for driving in excess of the speeding limit.

“The law is clear, any person driving in excess of the speed limit is guilty of an offence. The law also states where there are no speed signs posted, the speed limit is 30 miles per hour in that respective zone, not 45 or 50.

“From what we see here today,” he added, “it’s clear the vehicle was going in excess of the recommended speed limit for this corridor.”


rawbahamian 1 year ago

"Going in excess of recommended speed" !!! He was coming in for a landing and veered off of the runway you mean hey, because you can see that he had to have been flying !


UserOne 1 year ago

The Tribune has incorrectly quoted Mr. Stubbs. I heard his report and he said about 85 percent of accidents were due to speed, not five percent. My heart goes out to the family. At 18 years of age, none of us thought this could happen to us.


Islandboy242242 1 year ago

Was wondering why 5% would be notable. 85% makes more sense


Honolulu 1 year ago


It's all fine and good to speak...talk bout the law. However, a family has just lost a family member...a very young family member. This is ABOMINABLE!

I can only imagine the Emergency Team fighting to save his life knowing that his father has helped sooooo many in that country. DEVASTATING lost; heart-wrenching! 😩

It is NOT always as 'cut-and-dry' as it appears! 😳

Teenagers do-do recklessless things. I just wish he didn't have to pay the ultimate price, DEATH! Destiny unfolding as it must. His poor father, mother, sister, family and friends. It is TOUGH! Soooooooo hard to accept this type of tragedy. It's gonna take years for them to get over this HUGE lost. OMG! 😁

I pray 🙏 that God's swift removal of the young man also covers his family by easing the pain and releasing the grief. Amen. 👍


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