Breadbasket 'Zero Rate' Delayed Until August 1


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The VAT "zero rating" of breadbasket food items has been delayed until August 1 to allow merchants time to adjust their systems and pricing, a top official revealed yesterday.

Marlon Johnson, the Ministry of Finance's acting financial secretary, told Tribune Business that the month's delay would enable retailers' point of sale (PoS) and inventory mechanisms to account for the multiple tax exemptions.

"The reason for that is to give the retailers time to adjust their point of sale systems, their inventory systems and receipts to account for the exemptions," Mr Johnson said, indicating that the government would be lenient when it came to merchants adjusting all their pricing, labelling and signage by July 1.

He added that the Ministry of Finance was "working furiously" to complete the "guidance notes" that will advise the private sector on the transition to a 12 percent VAT, with their release set to potentially occur as early as tomorrow.

Mr Johnson reaffirmed, though, that "the unassailable message" is that the 60 percent VAT rate hike will take effect from July 1. And, notwithstanding the wait for the guidance notes, the Ministry of Finance is expecting all businesses to be "well advanced" in their preparations for 12 percent VAT so they can be compliant by the deadline.

"That'll be happening this week," Mr Johnson told Tribune Business of the guidance notes' release. "It may be as early as Wednesday, but certainly this week. The team is finalising them as we speak.

"We've been working furiously on them. We want to make sure they're correct. We've also been in talks with key industries to inform them of the government's position on key matters. VAT will be 12 percent on July 1, and that remains the government's policy; there's been no waiver from that.

"It's just important to get the questions answered, the information out there, because questions come to us. We want to let consumers know what to expect come July 1." That date is now just 12 days away.

The Ministry of Finance official added that the government would be lenient when it came to large retailers meeting the July 1 deadline to alter their pricing and labelling for the 12 percent VAT, given that thousands of products are affected.

"The government will look at things around signage and price tags," Mr Johnson told Tribune Business. "As far as price tags and labelling, we understand those big retailers will take time to get that done. There may be instances where not all price tags are updated but that's part of the transition."

He added that the Government had already moved to ease the VAT transition for specific industries where it was warranted, pointing to the hotel and tourism industry in particular.

"The Government is providing an accommodation where they have bookings and reservations made in which we will honour the existing VAT rate," Mr Johnson confirmed. "A lot of the bookings done by hotels for large groups and conventions are fixed bookings."

But, while the Government may have smoothed the process for hotels, he said no further changes were likely for sectors such as the automobile industry. The sector had been seeking an increase in the 1.5cc engine size limit for the new 25 per cent duty rate, and an "offset" in the form of tax credits for the Excise Tax they will have to "eat" on existing stock.

"There's been no indication from the policy level of anything further for the auto dealers," Mr Johnson said. "The Ministry felt confident that change to allow a drop in duty rates for small vehicles, hybrids and electric vehicles creates substantial opportunity for them regardless of any other adjustments being made."

The financial secretary said feedback from the private sector suggested many businesses were already well on their way to compliance by July 1 and adjusting their systems for a 12 per cent VAT.

"We hope and anticipate businesses are well advanced in their plans to be ready for July 1," Mr Johnson told Tribune Business. "The vast majority of them are on electronic, very sophisticated Point of Sale systems.'


B_I_D___ 9 months ago

The problem is this...the retailers need to adjust EVERYTHING up to 12% for the month of July...change all the prices on the shelf, deal with the blow of importing the breadbasket items at 12% before all of a sudden the rate drops to 0 in August and all the VAT paid at the front end is lost. It would be better to hold the line at 7.5% through July, move the items to 12% that move to 12% and drop the items to 0% AT THE SAME TIME. Never mind the impact it will have on creating MASSIVE loopholes in how inland revenue monitors the margins that people report on the VAT returns. Variable VAT makes that almost impossible to calculate an acceptable 'margin of error' and the devious ones will play that out to the max!!


DDK 9 months ago

They thought they knew it all and would not listen to the advice and pleas of The People and the business community. Their eyes were bigger than their stomachs! Not so sure who should be fired by whom at this point!


Dawes 9 months ago

This just shows that this was not planned by the ministry of finance. If it was planned all these guides would have been released as soon as the Minister of Finance spoke. As it is they are only now realising what the changes will mean. As always its donkey backwards over here.


ThisIsOurs 9 months ago

100% they spinning faster than top. A friend of mine described the budget as one uncoordinated mess. And they keep making it messier. I'd really like to see how they track the construction exemptions.


DDK 9 months ago

The whole thing S U C K S !


B_I_D___ 9 months ago

July will be a TERRIBLE month for businesses and consumers...at least in August we can start finding ways around VAT with the new loopholes they just created in the system.


The_Oracle 9 months ago

"Mr Johnson said, indicating that the government would be lenient when it came to merchants adjusting all their pricing, labelling and signage by July 1."

So, one cannot change labels and prices before hand, but are expected to have labels and prices changed over night, but you will be lenient?

Once again, full on stupidity on display. I say shut down the private sector for a week, take your time to Adapt, make sure everything works as it should, god forbid The VAT Ma Coute descends on you! With potentially thousands of bin labels on thousands of items, and needing many hand held RF guns with printers too, and that's an efficient way to get it done! Otherwise run off sheets and sheets of new Labels and let staff hunt around for months to re-tag everything! Leniency is what the public gives an undeserving Government.


B_I_D___ 9 months ago

...then do it all over again in August for the big bulk of breadbasket items!!


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