Firearm, Ammunition And Drugs Recovered By Police

OVER the weekend the police recovered a firearm, and a quantity of ammunition and dangerous drugs from the streets of Nassau.

Shortly after 4pm on Friday Drug Enforcement Officers, acting on information, searched a bushy area off Firetrail Road, where they found a 9 millimeter pistol with eight rounds of ammunition. They also found a quantity of what they suspected to be marijuana.

Shortly after 10am on Friday the Mobile Division and K-9 officers, again acting on information, searched a man on Market Street and found on him a quantity of what they suspected to have been marijuana. Searching the immediate area where he was standing they found more marijuana. The drugs weighed 3lbs 5oz. He was arrested as investigations continue.

In a second incident it was reported shortly after 10am by Mobile Division Officers that acting on information they conducted a search of a bushy area on Ida Street, where a quantity of marijuana was recovered. No arrests were made, but investigations are continuing.

There were two armed robberies on Friday night.

In the first incident a man and a woman, arrived at their home in Colony Village off Prince Charles Drive shortly after 10pm when they were approached by an armed man who robbed them of cash and other items before getting into a black Nissan vehicle and speeding off.

Shortly before 11 o’clock Friday night a man was at his Johnson Road home, just off the Eastern Road when he was approached by three men, one of them armed. They robbed him of cash before running away. Police are investigating.


John 2 years ago

Guess they were doing their job and not making twice target practice (18 holes in one) this time.


proudloudandfnm 2 years ago

I see no mention of a dangerous drug. All I see is marijuana. Time for us to come to the 21st century and stop labelling marijuana as dangerous now. Wake up! Time to legalize has come and gone. We have to stop jailing people for weed. This has to stop!


hrysippus 2 years ago

I agrre, Roudyloudfnm, the media call weed "dangerous" drugs because the police report does so, the police report does so because it was so described when the legislation was first written, it was so described when the legislation was passed because a US bureaucrat named Harry B. Ansliger wanted to keep his job in the ATF and saw pot smoking Mexicans and blsck jazz musicians as a easy target to create an enemy of society. The US government somehow ignore the approximately 65,000 deaths due to iatrogenic disease every year, most caused by doctors over-proscribing pharmaceuticals. Most all of these deaths result in no criminal prosecution at all.


rawbahamian 2 years ago

Proudloudandfnm, marijuana in the wrong hands is a "dangerous" drug especially with the grade D graduates and single digit I.Q. individuals we seem to be inundated with. It affects the short term memory and damages fetuses in pregnant girls who are already mentally challenged.


sheeprunner12 2 years ago

There is a difference between medical marijuana, legal recreational marijuana, and street ganja ........ Most marijuana that is available on the streets is VERY dangerous to smoke and a lot of it is synthetic and laced.


PastorTroy 2 years ago

@RawBahamian I agree but prohibition creates an even bigger problem. If we keep only thinking cannabis is dangerous in the hands of our "grade D graduates and single digit I.Q. individuals" as a perfectly good moral reason to keep it illegal, which, even if abused or over-prescribed by 'street pharmacist' causes no deaths, what you think about pharmaceuticals? We MUST take cannabis out of the hands of the 'criminal street racket' thugs who have no conscience, they lace their products and add other addictive substances in it to 'stretch' it and with the evil intent to get their customers hooked/addicted. This is a national security problem! And for those 'purists' who say/think they shouldn't be using it in the first place, go in your bathroom cabinet, take one or two extra units of that legal poison from your local drug store and see if you live to see the sunrise tomorrow.


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