Dug Up The Road? A $10,000 Fine May Be Coming Your Way

A $10,000 fine is under consideration for utility companies responsible for digging up newly paved roads.

Director of Works Melanie Roach said the Ministry of Works is recommending that the present fine of $75 be increased.

"We are looking to upgrade the fines," said Ms Roach, according to a release from Bahamas Information Services. "We've recommended to the Attorney General's Office a fine of $10,000. If they do go into a recently paved road instead of just reinstating and paving the trench, they have to reinstate and pave the entire lane width for 50 feet before and 50 feet after the trench."

Yesterday, the Ministry of Works also announced it has, through Bahamix, embarked on a road works project in New Providence and the Family Islands.

Ms Roach said the extensive list of roads includes West Bay Street from Blake Road to the roundabout at Old Fort Bay, Village and Soldier Roads from Shirley Street to Baillou Hill Road, East Bay Street from the bridge to Montagu, roads in Palmdale and Firetrail Road and Culberts Hill.

Removal of the existing pavement and paving are set to begin on Farrington Road on Monday, March 5, between the hours of 9.30am to 2pm, Monday through Friday, for 10 working days. The resurfacing of Farrington Road will extend from the "six legged" roundabout to Boyd Road.

The director advised the motoring public to avoid Farrington Road while the road works are being carried out.

Public notices of road paving will be issued through Bahamas Information Services, government notices, the Ministry's Facebook page and hotline, and door-to-door for residents affected.

Bahamix recently completed road works on Willow Tree Avenue, Pinewood Gardens.


viewersmatters 1 year, 2 months ago

Under the $75 supposedly fine, have any company or ministry work been fine for leaving the roads in horrible states? What would be the difference from now and later. These careless workers ruin the roads with no remorse or consideration whatsoever and move on to ruin a next road. Pathetic!!!!


SP 1 year, 2 months ago

FINALLY! It is way past due that this major tourist sightseeing thoroughfare of West Bay Street from Blake Road to the roundabout at Old Fort Bay be upgraded.

I am continually encouraged that this administration is on the right track in several areas.


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