Auditor Reveals Emails Saying: ‘We Need To Deal With Fnm Cronies’


Tribune Staff Reporter


AUDITOR EY’s report into the Water & Sewerage Corporation highlights how intertwined politics has been in the operations of the institution, revealing obscene rows with a political slant, calls for victimisation of Free National Movement “cronies” and apparent political patronage for Progressive Liberal Party supporters.

In correspondence revealed in the audit, WSC deputy chairman Audley Hanna forwarded a dispute between a worker and a supervisor, saying “we need to deal with these FNM ‘cronies’.”

According to supporting exhibits in the audit, former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Works Philip “Brave” Davis is seen directing WSC’s management to employ people even though it is not often clear a need for their services exists.

WSC’s periodic reports usually highlight its failure to reduce its “employees per active water connection” rate, with its 2015 report noting that staffing levels had remained stagnant despite the corporation’s goal of reducing it. Politicians using the corporation as a way to extend favours may help explain the corporation’s struggle to decrease its labour force.

And in one shocking email, Monique Adderley, identified as a WSC worker in Eleuthera, attacked her supervisor Michelle Pickstock, who the former claimed had accused her of engaging in sexual activity with the WSC chairman at the time – a matter that rose up the chain because of politics.

She wrote in a 2012 email to Ms Pickstock: “Mr Marcus Collins, myself and Walter Weech were returning from the wellness seminar in Governor’s Harbour, we stopped to North Eleuthera shopping centre where Mr Weech and I proceeded to purchase some groceries before returning to Spanish Wells, upon exiting the store I was approached by Mr Burchie who said to me that Miss Michelle Pickstock told him that I said he will not make any money in his store because he is a certain political party supporter. I advised him that I never had no such conversation with Miss Michelle Pickstock. I telephoned you several times to ask you to desist from using my name during your political escapade. On Thursday, 3rd May, 2012, you telephoned my cell phone and I asked you why would you tell a resident of Eleuthera that I said he will not make any money because of his political affiliation, you responded yes, you did tell him that. I advised you to please discontinue using my name as I have been living in Eleuthera for two years and several months and no one can tell you that Monique Adderley bothers with anyone on this island, I stay in my one bedroom one bath quarters with my five children and my one husband. After hanging the cell phone on you, you returned another call and blurted out in my ears ‘Yes, that is why you suck the Chairman CK’ my, my such behaviour from a supervisor (sic).”

She later added: “I am logging this report so all can know how dirty and nasty you truly are and what staff have to put up with from the likes of someone like you.”

Ms Adderley forwarded the email to Audley Hanna, the then deputy chairman of WSC who gained infamy in 2015 for being the contractor behind the uninsured male dorm at the Bahamas Agricultural & Marine Science Institute that burned down.

In an email to former Prime Minister Perry Christie and Mr Davis, Mr Hanna forwarded Ms Adderley’s correspondence, highlighting it as reason to rid the corporation of Free National Movement “cronies.”

“Monique Adderley is the daughter of Stalwart Councillor Gwendolyn Moncur,” Mr Hanna wrote. “In a previous email from me I said that we need to deal with these FNM ‘cronies’ in Water & Sewerage.”

Political support

In another instance EY identified, Centina Sawyer, writing from a BTC email address, wrote Progressive Liberal Party Trustee Valentine Grimes and another person, Terah Swain, to solicit a job for her son, emphasising their support for the PLP as a qualification. She wrote: “…As we had discussed, my son’s name is Raj E Sawyer. He’s 20-years-old, working on the 52 weeks programme with Water & Sewerage. He is enjoying working with the corporation but his time expires the end of October and I really need for him to be on a full-time job to sustain himself. I have been lifetime supporter of the PLP along with my mother Caroline Kemp, who is a stalwart of the party. I have three sure votes in my household, but my husband who is pretty much on the fence, has assured me that he will support me and the children, if Raj gets on permanently.”

Ms Swain sent the email to Mr Davis, writing: “Please find attached a note from one of our supporters, requesting assistance with having her son confirmed at the WSC. He is a first-time voter that we need to keep engaged with the party.”

Mr Davis then sent a message to General Manager Glen Laville, saying: “Some time ago — I requested that we seek to re-engage Mr Sawyer — is there any matter that (may) deter same.”

In another instance, Mr Davis was emailed in 2015 by someone seeking help related to account charges.

The person wrote: “Hello Uncle Phil, please find metre accounts nos: 490-0160, 490-0190, 490-0220 & 490-0250 that I have mentioned to you on numerous occasions. Please see what you can do. See you for Thanksgiving Dinner at Francine & Joseph. Thanks.”

Mr Davis forwarded the message to Mr Laville, saying: “Need you to look into why the Adderleys are being charged — when they don’t have any metres nor have they ever had use of water supplied by the corp.”

Mr Laville responded: “Based on reports received, this was a matter in the courts and judgment was awarded to WSC but payments were never made. However, it is now statute barred and we will have the meters removed and the accounts written off.”

In another instance Mr Davis directed Mr Laville to employ a person named Philip Beneby.

Mr Davis wrote in the email: “You may have seen the contact between us on Friday — he indicated he spoke to PM which I have now confirmed and on humanitarian grounds he (PM) has persuaded that we re-engage.”

Yesterday Mr Laville responded to the revelations of hiring for political purposes.

“Any government administration or political party that indicates they have never sent people to be employed, that’s not accurate and that’s a reality,” he said. “Very often we are instructed or advised to follow instructions and the next set comes in and says ‘why did you do that’ while telling you follow everything they said to do.”


Socrates 2 years, 4 months ago

nothing new here. this is precisely why these corporations lose money by the truck loads.. government should not be running businesses that are better left to private enterprise. this is textbook corruption.. using taxpayer money to by votes..


proudloudandfnm 2 years, 4 months ago

This is exactly why we Bahamians need to stand up and fight all and any new taxes. The one thing our government does need is more money. Time for us to put our foot down now.


OldFort2012 2 years, 4 months ago

This can be "news" only to someone who is not Bahamian.

And nothing will chance. And this will continue to happen:

2005: B A H A M A S

2010: H A M A S

2015: H A I M A S

2020: H A I T A S

2025: H A I T I


BahamasForBahamians 2 years, 4 months ago

I'm not sure Bahamians have an issue with this kind of thing.

Sh*t while the FNM are trying to distract us from the Oban deal with this story they are presently guilty of the exact same thing.

Even in this story.

They villiify the opposition for no-bid contracts yet E & Y was awarded this audit without any bids or any opportunity for a Bahamian firm to apply.

Marlon Johnson, the Finanicial Secretary was unilaterally selected, presumably because of his FNM-background (given that the man has no practical knowledge in the financial sector) without any signs of an open or fair recruitment or hiring process.

Adrian your party cant point fingers if you're complicit in the exact same thing and expect not to be judged.

Further - I'm not sure if Bahamians have an issue with this kind of thing. Bahamians helping Bahamians.

Every PM, Minister or MP has been on record to empower ones they consider supporters. It is how they get elected.

Oban (Peter Krieger, Kwasi thompson, James thompson, Zhivargo Laing) pledges campaign support in return for a rushed approval on an oil refinery deal.

Minnis returns the favor to his supporters with a Heads of Agreement committment and tax-concessions.

You're going to have a hard time proving an impropriety here (as the cases against Frank Smith and Shane are proving) when the controls and legal framework aren't in place... but the propensity to do the same is still there with the same begging supporters who feel they are entitled if their party is in government.

Let us remember - the only convicted case in this country is an FNM MCM Member related to BEC and faulty generators.


Naughtydread 2 years, 4 months ago

"Bahamians Helping Bahamians" you are truly a delusional PLP c*ck sucker.


Dawes 2 years, 4 months ago

As you seem to have no problem with every PM, Minister or MP helping their supporters, please never complain when taxes are increased to pay for this Note i said supporters as its not Bahamians helping Bahamians, its PLPs helping PLPs or FNMs helping FNMs, these are people who don't care about Bahamians or Bahamas, but only themselves


observer2 2 years, 4 months ago

BahamasForBahamians, you make an excellent point. What is the difference between what is going on at the W&S and what is going on with the Oban project? There is no difference because Oban has been green lighted without an environmental impact study, without consultation with the people in east Grand Bahama, with no proof of funds or due diligence on the "cleanness" of the money for the project. We already know that the principals of Oban are not "blue chip" to say the least and have no experience in the oil and gas industry.

The PLP and FNM bring Commissions of Inquiry and forensic audits but at the end of the day nothing changes except we sink deeper and deeper into debt and corruption on both sides.

More importantly there is no effort to privatize water and sewerage, post office, Bank of the Bahamas, BEC etc. In any developed world country all of these services are performed by the private sector.

Secondly, there is no effort to change the structure of government so that the Executive Branch is not filled with politicians versus industry technicians like in all other developed countries. Example, what does Adrian know about water and sewerage? He is not an engineer, he is an lawyer. The same goes for Banister and BEC.

Thirdly, there are no changes to the legal structure of government to hold anyone accountable for anything. Campaign finance reform, freedom of information, local government etc.

So, my fellow Bahamians please expect this nonsense to continue when the PLP is returned to power 4 years from now. By that time Oban will be a complete mess.


BahamasForBahamians 2 years, 4 months ago

You are absolutely correct.

Party cronies wont see this though and will accuse you of taking a side because it 'mashes their corns' as Bahamians would say.


observer2 2 years, 4 months ago

Also BahamasForBahamians, the politician's flip once they are in power. Take for example D'Agular. When he was a director of Baha Mar he critized the new owners with statements I can't even repeat here. Now that he is the Minister of Tourism he says they are doing an excellent job.

In the meantime the original investor must be thinking to himself, what duplicity. He get swing.


TheWhistleblower1978 2 years, 4 months ago

BahamasForPLPBahamians you seem to have no qualms with your PLP persecuting FNMs and anybody who does not support your party. This isn't about Oban. This is about blatant corruption carried out under auspices of your PLP. Stop deflecting and call a spade a spade


joeblow 2 years, 4 months ago

Obviously psychological testing has to be a standard requirement for those offering themselves for service in government and upper management positions!

There are some psychos in this country


TalRussell 2 years, 4 months ago

Ma Comrade, why you think every Five-years or so- we rungs general election bell for the fall and rise of whole new set political psychopaths. Imagine if we constitution left them there in power Ten-years every time? Some really fucke# up heads men's always manage align with one two political parties to hoodwinks voters..... that my Comrade is whats needs most changing - by we the sensible people - the doing away with structured political parties. Some serious red shirts mind altering occurred back on May 10, 2017.


sheeprunner12 2 years, 4 months ago

This is a PUNCH-worthy story!!!!!!!! ........ The Tribune is making such stories news-worthy.

But story shows that this type of unethical behaviour is evidence why the Bahamian civil service, departments, and corporations etc are so mired in nepotism and inefficiency.


Telllikeitis 2 years, 4 months ago

I see elsewhere where Brave said the audit was a witch-hunt...well Brave if it was then I guess they found a quite few witches...you included!!


bogart 2 years, 4 months ago

...over time the nomenklatura forms that is like the bureaucrats an the politicians become one ...an immovable mass intertwined in various relationships....family, friends businesses eycetcetc...only they benefit as seems to be happpening..disappointing as some indoviduals have extremely distinguished ivy league education ... Governing the archepelogic set up of islands deserves another look at governance.....perhaps a republic....vote for a President ...and vote separately for the congress..at different intervals...I like the way roc wid doc has tried to break with tradition in not having the Finance portfolio to govern like a CEO and the Finance minister freer to tackle the challenges ......what is to follow is now the questionable issues sre revealed ..dat justice must follow..


DDK 2 years, 4 months ago

Sorry! This should have been a response to Bogart.

In agreement with all observations except electing president and congress at different intervals. How very U.S.A. and we know THAT sure does not work!


bogart 2 years, 4 months ago

@DDK...thanks. I know it seems USA but from governing an archeppelago....there are a number of other natoons with the republic fotm of govt.....somehow there should be better ways to try .......we just spinning the wheels and there is this immovanle block who know "the 2 party system"...so much money ......points still untapped is the ability to recall your MP by the constituents....FOIA...? Ombudsman....Anti Competition .Consumer Financial Protection with auditors....-i am impressed eith what these auditors are now reporting.....


DDK 2 years, 4 months ago

Becoming a republic MIGHT work if The People actually had a say in who is in charge of what. Goodness knows we have had fifty years of a failed system. I just feel that too many elections at intervals do not promote governmental stability as people are in a perpetual campaign mode and feel that they are better all said and done at one time?


bogart 2 years, 4 months ago

....yep some of these aspiring MPs actually have good plans but dont make it unless there is the party stamp.....even those who get the stamp have no independence as they vote in a block.....those who go alone just seem to disappear afterwards.....hundreds of old time stalwat members decide a leader......large islands with only 2 MP seem to be outnumbered with the makoroty party MPs in Nassau....little focis on family islands leading to depopulating everyone with nothing happening moving to Nassau and strsining resources......full dependence on the Privy Council any guilyy politocian knows they can outfatigue the system and justice takes time good an bad gor nationalists......all support within party and no impeachment, .....prople have yo wait 5 yesrs for chsnge and accumulation of immoral money deeds hundreds of millions to be discovered and corrected.....total dissatisfied elecyorate upset and voting new govt with so small opposition to be ineffectual to their representatives......or good governannce.....significant voting population can fall short by a few votes to elect choice and say 49% can be losers without electing any MP.....special committees can be formed of both sides to have best decisions.....voters can pick an choose and throw out the MP if they cant garbage moved...or shantytown closed down.....nobody should be living on a Cay an dont see their MP or having access to medicals....Mps will have to get results...the President will have to get results....whosoever is PrimeMinister have to get .results....its funny that following the englist sysyem that thee guys dont even bother to resign as the english do after a scandal.......and refusing to accept honours from the Queen wjich is the system.....or being independent and sharing QCs taking silk....or gojng to thd Privy Council even after graduating..or still everybody still have to go to govt house and courtsy...or bow ?an do the 3 strp walking backwards.....and swearing to serve the Queen heirs and her representatives..etcetcetc mind you there are good points that have served well but in light of increasing situations...


DDK 2 years, 4 months ago

I hear you! They sure take the trappings of the Brit system which appeal to them and ignore the other traditions! Such is life in the merry old tropics!


ThisIsOurs 2 years, 4 months ago

This sounds like a comedy show..and I mean BOTH sides. Lord hear our prayer


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