Bahamas Companies Warned: 'Hackers Don't Discriminate'


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An international cyber security expert yesterday stressed the need for heightened awareness of The Bahamas' potential vulnerabilities, warning: "Hackers don't discriminate."

Ken Wong, chief technology officer (CTO) for CQURE, a tech company headquartered in Poland, said the firm was looking to expand into the Caribbean and South America.

"We do not have an operation here in the Bahamas, but we are looking to do something here," said Mr Wong. "We are trying to expand in the Caribbean and South America."

The company, which offers specialised services in IT (information technology} infrastructure, security, business applications, consulting and advisory services, has already worked with Bahamian entities such as Arawak Port Development Company (APD) and Furniture Plus.

"There must be a focus on education and awareness of cyber security in this world," said Mr Wong. "That's what we see is really lacking in the personal lives, and in businesses in the corporate environment; to allow businesses to thrive without being hacked or intruded into a state where they are no longer doing business.

"In the cyber security world it's not localised to any country. We have to look at it in a global perspective. Hackers don't discriminate; they just look at the dollar value and how to take advantage of vulnerabilities from a very global perspective."

Mr Wong was speaking at a press conference to announce the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation's (BCCEC) second annual Cyber Security Forum, scheduled for this Thursday,

Christina Lee Darville, the BCCEC's head of communications and members services, and vice-president of sales and marketing at Furniture Plus, said this year's forum will offer not only discussions but solutions.


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