Help Cops Catch Two Girls’ Sex Attackers

The scene of one of the sex attacks and, inset, artist’s impressions issued by police of the two suspects.

The scene of one of the sex attacks and, inset, artist’s impressions issued by police of the two suspects.

By Ava Turnquest

Tribune Chief Reporter


POLICE are investigating two separate cases of sexual assault involving female children.

The alleged incidents occurred in the Englerston Community on April 28, and Monday this week.

Police released two sketches yesterday, asking the public for any information on the identity or location of the two men.

No information was given out on the condition of the two girls involved and whether they required medical treatment.

Police also released no information on what time of day the attacks are said to have taken place.

One local resident, who asked not to be named, said: “You would have thought the police would give out as much information as they could. Just saying the time these incidents happened could spark somebody’s memory and they could have seen something that can help catch these men.

“Just look at social media and you can see people are going mad over this. They need to get these men quick.”

At least one of the attacks is believed to have taken place in a derelict building near to the Stephen Dillet Primary School.

The area is normally covered in thick scrub which would be able to hide anyone hiding there – or dragging someone into the building.

As news of the attacks spread yesterday it is understood locals took action themselves to clear much of the long grass and shrubs to make the area wide open and visible to passersby.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 911 or 919, the Central Detective Unit at 502-9991 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 328-TIPS.


Sickened 8 months ago

A 'Dead of Alive' poster should help catch these guys quickly!


John 8 months ago

Tribune’s favorite type of headline.


John 8 months ago

Police just shot someone in Garden Hills..is it related


Godson 8 months ago

Why weren't you all as sensitive to the plight of the two (2) girls that was sexually assaulted by Mother Pratt's son, the police sergeant???

It appears that the interest of 'the powers that be' are only moved to heighten the public awareness base upon the social class of the victim in comparison to the assailants'/culprits'.

Justice Blackman, of the Court of Appeal, in his judgment detailed at the length the compromise that was done on behalf of Sergeant Pratt by the authorities to stifle hone the course of justice. Sad, sad... any wonder it repeats itself?

I will always speak up for justice on behalf of those two (2) orphaned children (now adults).

Godson A. Johnson AKA Nicodemus


BahamaRed 8 months ago

Why are we so lax here in The Bahamas? When will we get a registry for sex offenders and actually keep track of these pedophiles and where they are? There is no way a sexual predator should be allowed to free roam and no one be aware of who they are.

Furthermore, a representative is elected to Parliament for such things as clearing debris from abandoned buildings and ensuring the community doesn't have places such as these to aid in covering these heinous crimes.

Start holding the government accountable, some things in this day and age should be standard. After the Marco Archer case one would think we would be more proactive with this type stuff.

Thankfully these girls were not also found murdered. Still they will require a tender touch, counseling, and consistent help to heal from this tragic event in their young lives.


Fitmiss 8 months ago

We are lax because it has not hit close to home yet. I agree we need to have a sex offender registry. I live right next to a man that went to jail for sexual assault on a minor. I make sure to point him out to my child. I am a helicopter parent and I am not afraid to admit it.I have also seen him walk through the fair grounds when a school was hosting their fair. We need stricter penalties and sex offender registry just to name a few. These people should not be allowed near a school, playgrounds or minors.


Bonefishpete 8 months ago

Looks like a Over The Hill Shovel Ready Project Right There.


John 8 months ago

So how many young men have the police already picked up, beaten and falsely accused of this crime? The country cannot allow the police force to continue operating like an outlaw gang where they prey on young men in the pretense of solving crime and physically and verbally abuse them leaving some damaged and scarred for life. The law says innocent until proven guilty but for some their experience with the police and legal system is ‘guilty until proven innocent.” Marvin Dames and the police force need to invest in more training for his officers, especially in the areas of interrogation and crime investigation. Beating young men half to death in 2018 when they have done no crime is making more individuals antisocial .


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