Bahamasair Suspends Flight After Haiti Unrest


Tribune Staff Reporter


BAHAMASAIR has suspended services to Haiti because of unrest in that country.

A flight to Cap-Haitien scheduled for this morning was suspended, with Bahamasair requesting that passengers booked on that flight contact the airline for recommendations on their travel arrangements.

“Bahamasair will continue to monitor the situation closely and will liaise with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for further updates on the situation in Haiti,” the airline said in a statement, adding that its next update will be made tomorrow.

Yesterday marked the second day of countrywide protests over allegations of government corruption in Haiti. A police officer was killed and three people were wounded, including two foreigners.


SP 6 months ago

Haitians finally turn against the elite, corrupt, Haitian mulatto elite class or 'Les Blancs' that has held the majority in total abject poverty for decades.


History always repeats itself. The best-remembered event in Haitian history took place in August 1791, when the slaves rose up and slaughtered 1,000 plantation owners and their families.

Looks like Haitians are finally fed up with the handful of wealthy, corrupt families that destroyed their country and people!

Sounds familiar?


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