Royal Caribbean Donates $25,000 To Help The Hungry

ROYAL Caribbean International yesterday donated $25,000 to the Bahamas Feeding Network to aid in the relief of hunger for hundreds of Bahamians.

The donation was made during a feeding event at Mosseff House in Fox Hill, where RCI CEO Michael Bayley and a team handed out home-cooked meals to residents.

Mr Bayley said the initiative and the donation serve as extensions of the longstanding relationship between RCI and the Bahamas.

He said that relationship, which started when RCI's first ever ship to sail made it first port of call stop in Nassau, has now expanded to The Bahamas becoming its leading partner in the Caribbean.

Mr Bayley, who highlighted several of the other initiatives RCI currently supports in the Bahamas, said RCI's connection with the Bahamian people took on "new meaning," calling the opportunity for his team to aid in such a tangible manner "heart-warming".

"I was invited to experience first-hand the work that goes on in this historic community of Fox Hill where volunteers give of their time and energy to cook for others, to share friendship and to show they care," he said.

"This is the true meaning of caring and our team members who are here and myself are extremely touched and moved by the work of the Bahamas Feeding Network."

Royal Caribbean has ramped up its philanthropic efforts across the Bahamas in recent months.

On Thursday, Russell Benford, one of the company's vice-presidents, toured LJM Maritime Academy.

At the conclusion of his tour, Mr Benford described the facilities as "one of the best-kept secrets in the world".

He also hinted at plans to partner with the institution as the cruise line continues its push to deliver 1.2 million guests a year to the country. Additionally, the company has plans to launch its "Perfect Day at CocoCay" concept next May.

The $240m investment includes a waterpark with the tallest waterslide in the North American region and the largest wave pool in the region.

RCI is hoping the project will make CocoCay and the Bahamas, the single most desirable cruise destination in the Caribbean.


bogart 2 years, 6 months ago

Thank you Royal Caribbean, CEO Michael Bayley and team for coming way over the hill to historic community Fox Hill to help the Bahamas Feeding Network. You jus like dat Bailey family in Fox Hill going up round Blackbeards Tower area who known for helping out an school R M Bailey named after him.


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