All Not Well At Bpl

EDITOR, The Tribune.

BP&L - 80MW stand by generator RFP - are we supposed to accept what clearly from the letters published by The Tribune accept that the process was compliant with the norms? There was a serious breach of the Electricity Act 2015 and URCA who is responsible still is pussy footing around not doing what it supposed to do.

The comment from Whitney Heastie this week shocks me that it implies BP&L have already signed-off with some agreement with Shell America, a fuel company not an electricity generating Company who somehow took the 80MW to 275MW?

The Chamber of Commerce raised a serious complaint…that seemingly hit barren rock (as usual these days) - URCA has said nothing except months ago indicated that BP&L were not compliant but did not exercise their authority as the custodians on our behalf under the Electricity Act. If URCA says nothing We The People what can we do as the politicians seem disinterested.

What shocks me is that we hear from the Prime Minister there will be an enquiry BP&L but it seems he has the wrong issue under his focus - no one cares about the squabbles in the Board but we care about this Shell America issue.

A thought the Attorney who survived the 2018 massacre and was again re-appointed may bring some light on these issues…surely if process and compliancy was not correct as an Attorney he should comment?



September 19, 2018.


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