Polls Paint Different Stories

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Sam Duncombe needs to understand The Tribune Poll probably is mostly Nassau-Freeport residents, done on-line whilst The Domain Poll was targeted across all islands.

Who has a right to purchase Lighthouse property? The 700 acres is private property there is no factor of Government giving land to anyone, let alone foreigners, if Bahamians wished to they could.

What is the basic gripe of Duncombe and others?

It seems the actual berthing of a Disney boat at Lighthouse Point…the building of a dock in this case designed seemingly to avoid as much as possible the issues of damaging fauna, etc…the fact that possibly there will probably twice a week a cruise liner tied up she objects.

There is a grave danger of establishing environment conditions that will stop or curtail all economic development…we appreciate and respect where possible we must ensure the environment is safeguarded but even the One Eleuthera proposal which is mute til Disney cancels their promise to purchase has a development factor and also check who is financially supporting One Eleuthera, it just might surprise you.



October 11, 2018.


ThisIsOurs 1 year, 11 months ago

Do you remember the discussion around the gaming referendum questions? Questions can be asked in a way to guarantee a certain answer.


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