Believers Have Spiritual Breakthroughs At 'Woman At The Well 2018'


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"God exceeded my expectations" was the verdict of Felicia Archer following the conclusion of this year's Woman at the Well conference.

Held for three nights last week under the theme "Breaking the Cycle", the event featured special appearances by Prophetess Dorothy McPhee, Bishop Neil C Ellis and Prophetess Jasmin Dareus, who specifically focused on deliverance from ungodly cycles, whether they be connected to poverty, mind battles or other afflictions.

"I believe that God is bringing His people together for the specific purpose of strengthening the body and advancing his kingdom on earth. To see the event unfold was an emotional experience because when I think about the planning process, the warfare and everything else that came along with preparing to execute this event, I can truly say that it was worth it all," said Minister Archer.

For several years now, Minister Archer has presented the Woman At The Well conference under her growing brand, Fresh Fire Outreach Ministries International.

"I believe this is important (to host the conference) because I have to be obedient to the assignment and to the mandate of God. This, for me, is not just wanting to host a conference. This is me being obedient for what it is the Lord has commissioned me to do," she said.

One of the event's highlights, she said was seeing hundreds of people flood the altar each night, crying out to God for healing, salvation and deliverance. To see so many people achieve their breakthroughs was gratifying, she said.

The young minister noted that another highlight was their first male speaker, Bishop Neil C Ellis, who preached a powerful message entitled 'If I….I shall.'

"The overall turnout was better than last year; we can see the growth in the numbers. This speaks to the fact that as we lift Him up, He will draw all men into Him. There was not a low night, as each night hundreds of women and men attended the conference. What is interesting is that there has been an increase in the amount of males attending the conference each year. This speaks to the fact that there is also a cry from our men," said Minister Archer.

One conference-goer shared with Minister Archer via social media: "Indeed, I was truly blessed. Awesome conference. God bless you as you remain steadfast, focused and humble in His presence. You are indeed a fire-starter and a rain-maker."

Another person added: "I just wanted to say how impactful this week was on my life. I just kept telling myself just make it to the last week of the month and go to Woman at the Well and it shall be well, and lo and behold... I needed this boost, thanks for always being obedient to the spirit and a job well done."Minister Archer said the Fresh Fire team is excited to announce that Woman at the Well 2019 will be held in Atlanta, Georgia.

Those interested in upcoming events can stay up-to-date via Facebook at 'Fresh Fire Ministries' or by e-mailing freshfireministries2010@gmail.com.


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