Mr Bannister

EDITOR, The Tribune.

DISGUSTED that Minister Bannister should comment on the fired Chair of BP&L in the manner he did especially as Government as the employer had not complied with the basic of sending Ms Osborne a letter explaining she was fired. Government is not above the Labour Laws.

Letters to the Editor started appearing on this 80MW Aggreko RFP soon after the RFP - forget the recent chamber of Commerce letter they were very late on the draw, why should a letter from them be more important than from a concerned citizen?

The FNM promised transparency - this BP&L issue we have not seem it - allegations are flying around serious ones, we need a Special Committee of Parliament to within a short time frame call and take evidence as to the issues - Editor there are numerous issues… I would say too many.

The FNM promised everything would be above board well this is the test - are things of Government, The People’s Government open to investigation and scrutiny or not? PM Minnis your call - let’s see you call for a House of Assembly Special Committee immediately, no delays. The People want the truth.

Minister Bannister get ready to answer - much has to be cleared up.



August 21, 2018.


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