Mandela Legacy

EDITOR, The Tribune.

THE Mandela speech at the UN yesterday... seeing that ZNS News was in full flight, suggesting that Prime Minister Minnis had some special choice or position in this UN event, may I clear the air?

In 2009, the UN Assembly agreed to have a day in September to remember the leadership of Nelson Mandela.

This year being Mandela’s 100th birthday... sponsored by South Africa and Ireland, a special celebration was organised.

The committee some months ago issued an invitation to all Heads of State and Prime Ministers to speak…very correctly The Bahamas was one.

For historical reasons, it is imperative that we were there, as Mandela’s release from prison, and the collapsing of the inhumane Apartheid policy of South Africa, the process all started at CHOGM -Nassau with the leadership of Sir Lynden Pindling and the Commonwealth action to abolish apartheid.

Before we all forget and ZNS News writers write this out of our history - ironically it was the FNM under the late Sir Kendal Isaacs, who protested outside of the now Melia Hotel, with placards against Sir Lynden Pindling and PLP Government of the time.

The Commonwealth Nassau Accord is so historically significant, may I propose that a bipartisan committee be established to raise funds to erect an appropriate statue on Cable Beach.



September 25, 2018.


birdiestrachan 1 year, 10 months ago

Sir Lynden Pindling was a great man with visionary ideas. His fight against apartheid and his fight to free Mandela stands tall, on the mountain top really. A just God will judge him justly. and his judgment after all is said and done is the only judgment that matters.


joeblow 1 year, 10 months ago

Pindling was a human with flaws like all of us. As a statesman and orator he stood head and shoulders above anyone who has entered politics in the Bahamas since! He did some good, but he did some really terrible things as well, and that's the truth!


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